There are currently three project groups. They meet monthly at the homes of the members.

1. State/National Action Group

This group focuses on actions that are driven by state and federal governments.
Such as:
  • visits to local politicians; 
  • forums related to state and federal elections involving candidates; 
  • discussion of federal and state policies addressing climate change; 
  • writing submissions on relevant issues at appropriate times; 
  • working with the national climate change action movement on policies, strategic campaigns and conferences; 
  • undertaking actions at a local level such as street stalls and letter boxing.
For further details about this group contact Lynn:

2. Local Actions Group
This group focuses on issues that can be influenced by local governments, us, the rate-payers, and by belonging to a local community group. We focus on actions including:
  • Working with local councils: 
    • meeting with Councillors and Council Officers.
    • making submissions to Council, and speaking at Council meetings.
    • running forums on local sustainability issues with local Councillors, Council Officers, and others. 
  • Action on local issues - in 2012 campaigning for the Eastern Rail trail Cycleway (the  'Missing Link')
  • Working with other groups in the area, e.g. through the Boroondara Sustainability Network. 
In 2012, this group meets every second Thursday of the month. 
For further details about this group contact Jenny:

3. Admin group
This group works on the logistics behind the group, email networks, website etc.
It meets and communicates as needed.

If you are interested in joining one of these groups, contact the convenor at and you will be given the details of the next meeting.