Outlined below are the ways in which you can participate in Lighter Footprints. We refer to participants as 'members' although there is no formal membership scheme or other requirements.

To join Lighter Footprints
You can subscribe to one of our email lists (below), attend Lighter Footprints monthly meetings or join one or more of our Project Groups.

We have two email lists depending on your level of interest or activity. These are:

Lighter Footprints NEWS email list
For people wishing to stay up to date with the activities and news of Lighter Footprints and join in those events of interest.
  • It is open to the public - anyone can join.
  • You will receive emails and can reply to the sender, but you can't email directly to other members.
  • You will generally receive an average of two emails per week. This will include the weekly climate action calendar.
  • You can join by sending a blank email addressed to

Lighter Footprints ACTION email list
For people interested in joining in on the activities of the group.
  • It is open to those who are supportive of our vision and aims and have completed our google subscription form (which comes up when you hit the link below)
  • You will receive emails and can reply to all subscribers.
  • You will generally receive around 5-10 emails per week (depending on member activity) and can choose to receive digests (summaries) if required.
  • You can join by sending a blank email addressed to

To subscribe to the NEWS or ACTION email lists, you simply send a blank email to the address provided above and you will receive an automated invitation by return.
You must confirm your request by replying to this invitation. Without doing this you are not subscribed!
Once confirmed you are then subscribed.

To unsubscribe at any time, please follow the instructions found on the emails - it is again a simple (one email) process.

Lighter Footprints Website
Our website is combined with a blog and supplements our communications with our Action and News groups as well as providing up-to-date information to the public. If you wish to stay in touch with our work on an informal level, you can do so by visiting this website.

For more information on Lighter Footprints and how to register your interest in the group please contact us (click here).