Monday, 4 April 2016

Telling Kooyong voters about reckless and destructive CSIRO climate science cuts

Lighter Footprints has been out and about at local festivals in Ashburton, Glenferrie and Kew collecting hundreds of letters signed by local people protesting the senseless cuts of more than 100 climate scientists at the CSIRO.

More than 3000 international scientists have also protested these cuts, which will severely damage the global effort to record, analyse and better predict the effects of global warming on our part of the world.

We also attended the city protest  last weekend (see previous post). The self-defeating and  pointless cuts were announced by the new head of the CSIRO who was appointed during the Abbott regime.

These  ludicrous cuts will prove a running sore for the Turnbull Government, completely destroying its climate crediblity,  unless they are swiftly reversed.

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