Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Scientists warn us again (and again and again). But are we listening? Are our politicians?

Scientists are warning us again that we are on the brink of  dangerous, runaway climate change.

The following excerpt comes from Joe Romm's article republished recently in Climate Spectator, a free online publication.

"A NASA science team has observed “amazing and potentially troubling” levels of methane and CO2 from the rapidly warming Arctic. Given the staggering amount of carbon trapped in the permafrost – and the fact that methane is a very potent heat-trapping gas – the space agency is now asking: “Is a Sleeping Climate Giant Stirring in the Arctic?

Scientists are observing more and more evidence of widespread thawing of the permafrost, a ticking time bomb that we cannot allow to go off.

The melting of the permafrost, which covers about a quarter of the land mass in the northern hemisphere, is a known tipping point for runway climate change that would take all hope of containing global warming out of human hands. 

This global warming would be put paid to human civilisation as we know it and be irreversible on human timescales.

Now is the time to tell your federal politicians/candidates that climate will affect/determine your vote. Demand climate targets and action commensurate with the science. No more delay, no more excuses, no more Clayton's actions. We are out of time - and so are they.

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