Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Energy Saving Tip

Tuesday night's meeting with Simon was very helpful in that he [oh so patiently] talked us through posting, previewing, editing and publishing blogs on this website. 

Here's my first post!

I think adding tips about using less power/energy in the home and at work would be a good way to help everyone to reduce their consumption and peg their power bills somewhat.

So here's a good idea: put into the kettle only as much water as is needed for number of cups of tea or coffee you want to make, stay in the kitchen getting cups/mugs ready and the tea or coffee and sugar, by which time the kettle will be coming to the boil. Turn it off immediately, instead of letting it go on for the extra seconds until the auto switch off kicks in. 

Doing this regularly will lower a household's consumption of energy. Over the three months of a power bill, the reduction should be clearly noticeable.

Maybe other readers would like to add comments about other energy-saving ideas that householders can adopt. I know I'd be pleased to hear of other ideas.

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