Monday, 7 January 2013

Three years later - A New Year Vision for 2010

In January 2010, the Leader Press published a letter of mine which I discovered today during a cleanup!It is interesting to see what  three years has brought. Here it is, with my current commnents in brackets)  :-

A New Year Vision for 2010
  • New houses built small - with eaves and double glazed windows facing north. (No evidence of building small but some improvement in eaves and definite shift towards double glazing. North
  • facing still under utilised.)
  • Large trees shading them from their boundaries and tanks supporting gardens. (Large tree canopy continues to be lost across the city, and tanks have lost favour in times of easing of water restrictions)
  • Solar panels throughout the city, heritage approved.(This is the biggest gain- with thousands of households taking up solar photo-voltaics. Not so the acceptance that they can fit with heritage homes)
  • Commercial buildings rewarded for reduced energy and water use through rate rebates (Dont think so)
  • Mixtures of multi storey dwellings focused round railway lines and tram routes. (The Activity Centres Structure plan has supported this idea but not sure if it has changed development proposals.)
  • Trees throughout the city truly valued and no-one able to develop an entire block without them. - (Some success with Council saving individual trees but more trees felled than saved.
  • Stormwater harvested in various places to sustain gardens, nature strips and restore wetlands. (A few examples of what can be done - not rolled out)
  • Open spaces preserved and new community vegetable gardens springing up in many unlikely places.(Open spaces fought for and some lost or changed and some retained - few new veggie gardens.)
  • More bike paths and bike lanes. (Some new lanes marked on roads, some improvements in existing lanes but no new bike paths - building community pressure for this.)
  • Groups meeting round the city working together on sustainable practice. (Well some have kept growing - like us, and there are some new ones, so slow progress)
  • Tell her she's dreamin' - oh well no harm in dreamin' - (Gotta do more than dreamin' and that means putting this out there again and keeping at it for 2013.)
So what do we really want for 2013? 

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