Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Community proposal for a 'food forest' in Winton Road Reserve

The Food Forest Ashburton (FFA) Group, made up of motivated community members with support from the Craig Family Centre, are requesting Council approval to establish a sustainable and communal 'food forest' on public land in Ashburton

In December 2011, the Craig Family Centre sent a letter and survey to residents living close to three potential sites. Following overwhelmingly positive feedback from survey responses, Winton Road Reserve was selected as the preferred site for the initiative.

The concept
The proposed food forest involves planting a range of fruit and nut trees with supportive understory in a portion of the reserve. A proposed first stage would see around 12 trees planted, with potential for additional trees to be planted in a future stage. There would be an all-abilities gravel path and the draft landscape plan also allocates a space for a potential park shelter in the future. The planted area would remain open to the public, and the plantings would be maintained by the FFA Group and interested community members, with Council support.

Have your say
Council is now seeking feedback from local residents on this community proposal.
To provide feedback, you can:

• Add comments and suggestions to the FFA Group blog.
The survey closes on Sunday 29 July 2012.


  1. An open proposal such as this is good. It provides opportunities for community stakeholders to pitch in their ideas as well as contribute to a better financing scheme which is vital in successful project planning.

  2. Such proposal upon approval from the said community or group should secure the needed permit for converting or making a food forest. Such permits or licenses will prevent any future headaches that may arise from groups who may question the existence of the project.