Thursday, 17 May 2012

What did Nick Minchin teach Anna Rose about climate change denial?

Anna Rose, the feisty young climate activist who shaped up to Nick Minchin in the Q&A  TV special "I  Can Change Your Mind on Climate Change" will be a welcome and intriguing guest at our next monthly meeting. Can she shed any light on what it would take to change a climate change skeptic's mind? If scientific facts won't do it, what will?
Anna will take part in a panel discussion with local people on issues related to climate change and denial and will also be promoting her book "Madlands - My journey with a climate sceptic".
The meeting will take place on WEDNESDAY 30 MAY at Guides Hall, 1 Faversham Rd, Canterbury, 7 for 7.30 pm. All welcome. Gold coin entrance.
We hoped to be joined by new faces as a result of our forum last night (Wednesday 16 May) on renewable energy. If you missed it, watch this space for photos and video of the proceedings.

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