Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Plant responses to global change: consequences for food security

A presentation from Ros Gleodow Assoc Prof from Monash University, at the August Lighter Footprints meeting.

Ros outlined her research into the impact of climate change (increased CO2, temperature and reduced water) on certain plants.

In general in high C02 conditions, the plants produce more woody growth, and fewer leaves, and those produce less protein (associated with the ease of producing carbohydrate so less enzyme required) and a slowing of the expected growth as the amounts of CO2 increase, as plants adapt.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Climate Change in the Pacific Islands

The Oxfam Photographic Exhibition of the Pacific Islands
was launched at Q.P.O. in Kew, Victoria Australia on September 14.

Named 'Land is Life,' the exhibition contains photos taken by Rodney Dekker of Tuvalu and Kirabati. It was MC'ed by Carolyn Ingvarson of Lighter Footprints.This exhibition demonstrates that climate change is already having an impact on daily life.

As part of the program, Jade Ingvarson-Favretto sang her original song 'Beautiful Earth'. Jade's song matched the mood of this occasion, watch the video below. Other special guests included Josh Frydenberg (Federal Member for Kooyong) who launched the Exhibition, and Oxfam CEO Andrew Hewett who sponsored it.

From left: Andrew Hewett CEO of Oxfam, Josh Frydenberg Federal Member for Kooyong, MC Carolyn Ingvarson Convenor of Lighter Footprints, Ethan McGrath and Emeretta Cross Representatives of the Pacific Islands.