Monday, 16 August 2010

The 2010 Walk Against Warming in Deakin

Lighter Footprints members attended the 2010 Walk Against Warming event in Mitcham, in the electorate of Deakin.

The event changed in 2010 from mass rallies to distributed gatherings in selected locations, including several marginal seats in the 2010 Australian federal election.

For more photos and videos of the Deakin event see

Marginal electorates of Deakin, McEwan and Melbourne were targeted in an attempt to motivate both Labor Government and the Coalition opposition to adopt policies during the final week of the Australian federal election that will result in immediate reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

So far, both the major parties rate a dismal fail on climate change policy and are keeping it off the campaign airwaves for the 2010 federal election, despite it being "the greatest moral challenge of our time" (Kevin Rudd) and "delay being denial" (Julia Gillard).

Labor has refused so far to countenance the carbon tax proposed by their own advisor Ross Garnaut, and Tony Abbott has ruled out putting any price on carbon emissions (by either a carbon tax or an emissions trading scheme) if he wins the election and forms the next government.

Some additional information about party policies on climate change can be viewed from the links below

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