Monday, 21 June 2010

Submission to Boroondara Council on Cycling opportunities for East West link in Boroondara

Further to my address at the Services Special Committee Meeting (Boroondara) on Monday 21 June, the Lighter Footprints group strongly supports the creation of safe East-West cycling routes in Boroondara.

Lighter Footprints suggests that:

  • Council raise the priority of developing a safe East West route (or routes) in light of the significant local demand for safe cycling in Boroondara along this direction.
  • Sections of a safe East West route would be used by families, school and university students and children for both local and transit bicycle and pedestrian trips.
  • Many busy local shopping centres and precincts such as Maling Road, Union Road, Camberwell Junction and Glenferrie Road could all be connected by such a route.
  • The use of the Box Hill railway line easement from the Yarra River to Surrey Hills station be noted by Council for possible cycle route development in a revision of the Boroondara Bicycle Strategy.
  • Council recommend to the Victorian Government Department of Transport and Minister for Roads & Ports and Major Projects Tim Pallas that a study be urgently undertaken to assess East West route options for safe cycling along the Box Hill railway line easement through Hawthorn, Camberwell and Canterbury and adjacent arterial roads such as Burwood Road, Rathmines/Canterbury Road and Riversdale Road.
  • The scope or East West cyling routes not be limited to a single route.  For example, safe cycling lanes (e.g. Copenhagen lanes) along Burwood Road Hawthorn could be supplemented with off road routes along sections of the railway line easement.
  • Several thousands of cyclists could eventually use a safe East-West route daily, with a commensurate decrease in car usage, road congestion and carbon emissions.

The Boroondara Sustainability Network and the Boroondara Bicycle User Group also strongly support development of a safe East-West cycle route through central Boroondara.

Please note that the latest draft Principle Bicycle Network plan recently circulated by VicRoads to Councils for comment shows a priority bicycle route marked along Burwood Road Hawthorn. This a major concern as this road is currently unsafe for bicycles.

Some more information on route options:

Peter Campbell, on behalf of Lighter Footprints

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