Thursday, 29 July 2010

Public Forum: “Meet the candidates” Community Climate Forum for the Federal election 2010

Lighter Footprints Forum

Citizen’s assembly in Kooyong last night rejected both Labor and Coalition policies

Over 200 people attended a forum to meet the candidates in the federal seat of Kooyong last night.

One question from the audience in the Q&A type forum and hosted by Walkley Award winning Age journalist Liz Minchin asked people to raise their hands if they thought Labor, the Coalition or Greens were doing enough on climate.

While there was a handful of support for Coalition policies, ironically there was not a single supporter among the crowd for the current Labor approach including the proposal on a citizen’s assembly announced by the Prime Minister this week. Around 70% supported the Greens proposals for climate action.

Three candidates for the lower house seat, one Senator and two Senate candidates formed the panel that faced tough questioning from both their host and the audience.

Josh Frydenberg (Liberal candidate for Kooyong), Steve Hurd (ALP candidate), Des Benson (Greens candidate), Scott Ryan (Liberal Senator), Richard Di Natale (Senate candidate for Greens), and Antony Thow (Senate candidate for ALP) attended the forum organised by community group Lighter Footprints.

Carolyn Ingvarson, Convenor of Lighter Footprints, said the response revealed the level of dissatisfaction in the community on the climate proposals from the major parties in the federal election campaign.

“This response supports the findings of our report on community attitudes earlier this year. This showed people are very disillusioned with the quality and nature of the debate in political circles, and the focus on political point-scoring rather than appropriate action. Those who do understand the profound implications indicated by the science want to see action right now,” Ms Ingvarson said.

“It is also interesting to see the direct response of the community to the proposals by the political parties. If these potential politicians take away the knowledge that an open meeting in a conservative area wants much more action on climate change - that can only be good.”

For copies of the report from the Rewrite the Future: Climate Conversations forum, click here.
Media enquiries or for further information, call Carolyn Ingvarson: 0411 115 186.


Des Benson, Greens candidate for Kooyong

Richard Di Natale, Greens senate candidate

Steve Hurd, Labor candidate for Kooyong

Josh Frydenberg, Liberal candidate for Kooyong

Anthony Thow, Labor senate candidate

Senator Scott Ryan, Liberal

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