Sunday, 26 April 2009

Human Sign - St Kilda Beach, Melbourne - 17 May 2009 - Part 2

This is a call to everyone who wants to be a part of something significant, climate change action on the beach in Melbourne!

LIVE are organising another, bigger, better sign after the success of the last one.

There are three ways to join in:

1. Promotion:
Distribute flyers and posters. Invite everyone you know to come along. More details here.

2. Be part of the human sign:
About 4,000 people have already expressed their desire to take part, how about joining them? The organiser's are expecting to accomodate upto 10,000 people. Express your interest here.

3. Help to organise the human sign:
They need 100 volunteers to help marshall all of those people arriving, parking cars. bikes and onto the letters on the beach. 40 more such volunteers are required. Start time is either 8am or 9.30am on the day, depending on duties. Details here.

Join something worthwhile, community action with a smile!

See our other blog entry.

Voices of our Young People

A really powerful video on Victoria's younger generations, speaking out on climate change and sustainability . . .

We should all watch this and be inspired . . .

Find the original at

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Friday, 24 April 2009

Brown Mountain - destruction complete!

An urgent message from Jill Redwood of Environment East Gippsland . . .
These were taken yesterday - VicForests mission accomplished. This ancient stand of 600(plus) year old forest has now been fully annihilated and ready for conversion to a palm-oil plantation. Or it might as well be. They'll actually be converted to a pulpwood plantation for the Japanese paper industry.

The other four remaining stands of old growth adjoining are on the logging schedule.

Please help in whatever way you can.

Please also see these articles:
You might like to contact your local polictician or VicForests to express your views . . .

Click on the pictures below to view larger versions:

public safety zone

fern glade management


arson - government style

600 year old stump

sterilising the soil

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Moreland Climate Group Event

CLIMATE CHANGE: What should the Federal Government be doing?

A debate and community discussion on climate change.

Kelvin Thomson, MP, Labor Member for Wills
David Spratt, Co-author of Climate Code Red: The Case for Emergency Action

7pm, April 20,
Coburg Concert Hall,
90 Bell St,

A chance to hear about the latest climate science and have your views heard. This is a free event.

Presented by Moreland Climate Group.
Contact Ellen Roberts on 0408 583 694 for more information.

FutureMap Melbourne 2030

What will life in Melbourne be like in 2030 under conditions of climate change?

Find out in FutureMap Melbourne 2030, a report produced by Committee for Melbourne.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Get Real on Climate Change - Say 'No' to desalination

A video from Get Real on Climate Change.

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Also see

"Rod Quantock Eats Himself"

Swiss House, 89 Flinders Lane (between Exhibition and Russell Sts)
7.15 Tues-Sat, 6.15 Sun until 26 April
Tickets at the door or
Swiss House

Bookings:, Ticketmaster 1300 660 013 or at the door

Can you shoot a gun? Do you own a tank? What about a black belt? Have you tasted human flesh? If you answered ‘no’ then you won’t survive climate change.

“In a future of fires, floods and famines people will be divided into two groups,” Rod said, “the eaters and the eatees.”

Ever the rebel, Rod is a self-eater, and every night, bit-by-bit he will literally eat himself before someone else does.

P.O. Box 311
Clifton Hill 3068

Sunday, 5 April 2009

How to buy an energy efficient refrigerator/freezer

1. This is a very quick note to let you know that after some research, the Nolan's have purchased an energy efficient refrigerator freezer.

Electrolux came out on top in our decision.........they have released a new range in 2008 that are 5 star, Australian made, and on paper are equivalent to the energy efficiency that previously were only made in Europe.

Star ratings have been re-vamped, so what was 4 star 10 years ago (our Fisher & Paykel) used nearly 800kWh per year, our new 5 star one uses half, just over 400kWh per year. Both are approximately 510 litre storage capacity.

Only question is now, how long it will last, our old one had a hard time and got moved a few times, once interstate. I'm hoping the new one with some TLC, lasts 15 years.

2. Every-one in the whitegoods stores we spoke to half-tried to convince us that paying more for an energy efficient one, is false economy....but is it ??

With carbon priced, in 15 years I am confident I will be ahead, and we use less electricity..............we are doing a similar exercise at my work to inform capital purchases......we calculate the 'delta' cost to buy more sustainable, more energy efficient purchases. We call this the REO (resource efficient option).
  • We paid about $300 extra for 5 star unit which saves an additional 200 kWh electricity per annum verus cheaper, lower star rating types.
  • We currently buy 100% green power at 20 cents/kWh, so by spending $300 on 5 star, we save 0.20 x 200 = $40 per year.
  • That is a 13.3% return, with 7. 5 year payback.
The refrigerator will not last forever, it is a depreciating asset, not inceasing value investment; let's say it lasts 15 years. So over 15 years (todays dollars) we save $600, from the additional $300 invested ($2,000 fridge) . If instead of purchasing 5 star, we spent $300 less ($1,700 fridge), and put the $300 in the bank for 15 years at 4%, we would make $12 per year, so $180 over 15 years.

So, after 15 years we would have $480 . (this is simplistic, I have not inflated energy prices year on year, nor compounded the interest on saved $300) So net cost of environmental decision we are in front $120 after 15 years.

When I have time, or if you want to do yourself, use compounding interest on banking the $300, and use (say) 5% increase on electricity every year due to normal price escalation and increasing carbon price.

P.S. If this was a business decision, and you could get some increased value from 'branding' a business more sustainable, and translate 'brand' that into increased revenue (a la Toyota, Origin, MECU), then the numbers in favour of sustainable option become much more attractive!

Regards, Mick.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Visit your MP or write a letter about the Feed In Tariff

Please visit your local MP - both upper and lower houses - about the Feed-in Tariff legislation. We are arranging some visits that you may wish to participate in - to be advised. Otherwise, make an appointment yourself!

And/or write a letter/email to your upper and lower house MPs , summary points provided below.

You don't have to be an expert of know all the facts, or convince them you are right. Remember, they are there to represent you as a resident, citizen and voter. Their primary concern is (or should be) what their constituents (such as you and 300 Ligher Footprints supporters) want.

Find your State MPs for Lighter Footprints areas/suburbs here.

General points

  • The proposed Feed-in Tariff (FIT) structure does not provide sufficient incentives for people, schools and business to install solar power (due to net metering and the 3.2kW array size cap)
  • This will compromise creating a vibrant jobs-rich solar sector - as they have in Germany where they have a good FIT.
  • Consumers who export electricity will only be paid "credits", not cash. This effectively removes incentives for energy efficiency appliances. It will also encourage people to "use their credit" by consuming more electricity, since it will not be redeemable as cash.
  • The Tariff should be amended to a gross tariff with a 10kW cap, as they have legislated for in WA and ACT.

Points for Labor MPs

  • Labor will lose votes over this issue as there is broad community support for an effective Feed-in Tariff
  • Labor has seriously misrepresented the financial impact on low income households - and is not prepared to disclose their financial modelling for this.
  • A gross feed-in tariff (as the same for a ‘net’ feed-in tariff) will result in a small increase in household electricity bills – approximately $6-12 per year. Concession card holders should be exempted from this extra cost.
  • The Feed-In Tariff is not a policy instrument for encouraging efficiency - it is for encouraging solar power
  • More solar panels mean we could avoid the new coal and gas fired power stations that Labor has already approved.
  • Labor's current Feed-In Tariff is industry friendly, but doesn't deliver for solar power and the community.
Points for Liberal MPs
  • The Liberals will gain significant votes from the broad community support for an effective Feed-in Tariff
More details if you need them:

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Victorian State MPs for Lighter Footprints areas

Here is a list of Victorian State Members of Parliament for areas where Lighter Footprints members live. Contact details for them will be added to this page.

State MPS - Upper house

Southern Metropolitan Region (Kew, Canterbury, Camberwell, Hawthorn, Burwood, part of Surrey Hills)
Eastern Metropolitan Region (Parts of Surrey Hills, Mont Albert, Box Hill, part of North Balywn)
State MPS - Lower house