Friday, 14 August 2009

350 organisation comes to Australia

Excerpt from Emily Mulligan's email:
New Website!
I wanted to let you know that 350 Australia is up and running, with our brand spanking new web-page:
We're working on having Australia specific resources for you to use for your action. There are of course lot's of helpful things to be found on the site here;
Also a brilliant new resource and program has been developed by a volunteer in Melbourne. If you are interested in getting into schools and helping to promote 350 in that way, check out
Film Screenings
A new film raising awareness around climate change, "The Age of Stupid" is coming to our shores. In global partnership with this film is travelling the world, in an environmentally friendly way, with the London premiere having just 1% of the usual Hollywood film premiere's emissions. To see where it's showing near you, or to host your own screening see below:
I also wanted to tell you about Powershift, the Youth Climate Conference I and 1,500 young people from around Australia attended, hearing from speakers such as Al Gore and Tim Flannery. It all culminated in a Flash Mob dance outside the Opera House demanding an end to coal mining and a sustainable future, which you can watch here:
Say G'day
With so many creative ideas flowing in, we'd love to hear from you! 350 Australia is here to support your actions and we'd like to let you know of one of the big actions for October 24th, the Sydney Opera House and the City of Sydney have given us the go ahead for a major action on the Opera House steps! Let us know what you're up to, and be sure to register your action on the main website so we can keep count!
Stay Connected
Join us on facebook: …and twitter:
In other 350 News…
We're not the only ones calling for a strong target of 350ppm…
Can You Help Us?
We need someone to get underwater and snorkel or scuba for 350! If you live near the Great Barrier Reef or own an underwater camera and might be interested in getting wet for 350, or know someone who might, let us know at
Thanks for all that you do,
Emily & Blair
I will add the 350 Australia link to the sidebar of this blog. Refreshing to hear from someone afire with enthusiasm, not middle-aged and discouraged like me!

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