Sunday, 23 August 2009

2009 A.V.G. Lecture - Dr Paul Sinclair

Please see the below flyer for Camberwell High School's event "Our Environment - Time to Act Now!"

To be held at 7.30pm in the Sssembly Hall on Wed 2 September 2009. Pls RSVP to 9836 0555 by Mon 24 Aug.

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Thursday, 20 August 2009

How psychology can help the planet stay cool

A perennial problem faced by people trying to promote environmental issues is how not to bamboozle people with environmental scare stories, thus bringing about a state of apathy because it's too late to do anything! The psychologists whose work is the subject of this article from New Scientist are obviously very aware of this trap. They are exploring the question whether an environmental (and obviously organic) carrot is more effective than a scary stick in changing people's behaviour. The answer? Read the article! But, generally ... yes.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Email from Bill McKibben

Excerpts from Bill McKibben's email (omission indicated by [ ... ] ):
Dear Friends,
I'm back home with my family for a few days, after the third long organizing trip of the past few months.In a way, this trip was the most extraordinary, because it took me to places where you wouldn't necessarily expect climate organizing to be going full force. But it is--people everywhere are figuring out that 350 is the most important number on earth, that October 24 is going to be the most widespread day of climate action ever, and that six weeks before the big UN talks in Copenhagen we'll stand together to change the debate on climate change.
The biggest lesson from my trip? That this movement is building in the most unlikely of places. India, for instance--whose people are not, by and large, big emitters of CO2, and whose leaders have so far been reluctant to even consider taking on international commitments to fight against warming. But from the Rotary Clubs of Mumbai to the temples of Varanasi to the lawn of Delhi's Nehru Museum and Library (where thousands of schoolkids formed a giant 350 and a gorgeous Bengal tiger), I found people gearing up for October 24, and determined to play their part in helping prevent the melt of Himalayan glaciers or the drying of the Ganges.
And in the oil-rich states of the Persian Gulf, I had no idea what to expect. But our friends at IndyAct, the Arab world's climate leaders, connected us with amazing organizers in places like Abu Dhabi and Oman. Some were in chadors or flowing dishdasha; all were eager to spread the word. [ ... ]
One of the messages I kept hearing as I traveled was: "we're eager to be heard!" In the developing world, especially, people are excited at the thought that the rest of the planet will be paying attention to them on October 24--that by taking action, photographing their local event, and spreading it online, they'll be collaborating with people spreading exactly the same message no matter where they are on this planet.
It's a beautiful vision--Kansas and Cancun, New York and New Delhi, Boston and Beirut, connecting and collaborating across borders. It's exactly what we need to do with this most global of all problems--thanks for playing your part!
Bill McKibben
350 now has a Facebook and a Twitter page .

350 organisation comes to Australia

Excerpt from Emily Mulligan's email:
New Website!
I wanted to let you know that 350 Australia is up and running, with our brand spanking new web-page:
We're working on having Australia specific resources for you to use for your action. There are of course lot's of helpful things to be found on the site here;
Also a brilliant new resource and program has been developed by a volunteer in Melbourne. If you are interested in getting into schools and helping to promote 350 in that way, check out
Film Screenings
A new film raising awareness around climate change, "The Age of Stupid" is coming to our shores. In global partnership with this film is travelling the world, in an environmentally friendly way, with the London premiere having just 1% of the usual Hollywood film premiere's emissions. To see where it's showing near you, or to host your own screening see below:
I also wanted to tell you about Powershift, the Youth Climate Conference I and 1,500 young people from around Australia attended, hearing from speakers such as Al Gore and Tim Flannery. It all culminated in a Flash Mob dance outside the Opera House demanding an end to coal mining and a sustainable future, which you can watch here:
Say G'day
With so many creative ideas flowing in, we'd love to hear from you! 350 Australia is here to support your actions and we'd like to let you know of one of the big actions for October 24th, the Sydney Opera House and the City of Sydney have given us the go ahead for a major action on the Opera House steps! Let us know what you're up to, and be sure to register your action on the main website so we can keep count!
Stay Connected
Join us on facebook: …and twitter:
In other 350 News…
We're not the only ones calling for a strong target of 350ppm…
Can You Help Us?
We need someone to get underwater and snorkel or scuba for 350! If you live near the Great Barrier Reef or own an underwater camera and might be interested in getting wet for 350, or know someone who might, let us know at
Thanks for all that you do,
Emily & Blair
I will add the 350 Australia link to the sidebar of this blog. Refreshing to hear from someone afire with enthusiasm, not middle-aged and discouraged like me!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Australian Greens Donation - CPRS Advertisement

Help Bob Brown talk to Australia about climate change

This week, Kevin Rudd is asking Parliament to pass laws that give polluters $16 billion and sets emissions reduction targets way too low to fix the climate crisis.

His CPRS – what we call the Continue Polluting Regardless Scheme locks in failure.

Bob Brown has recorded a message to explain why the Greens will oppose the CPRS if the Government refuses to toughen it up.

We need your help to get as many Australians as possible to see this message!

We need $30,000 to screen this ad 12 times on television so Bob can directly explain to hundreds of thousands of Australians why the Greens will oppose the CPRS: because it locks in failure on the climate crisis.

See the website/donate here: