Saturday, 4 July 2009

ACF busts the big polluters’ climate myths

Press release from the Australian Conservation Foundation. Date: 3-Jul-2009

The Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) will be busting the big polluters’ myths about climate change and the economy this weekend, taking out full page advertising space in some of the country’s largest newspapers.

ACF will place ads in The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, the Courier Mail and The Canberra Times tomorrow, Saturday 4 July.

“Leading scientists and economists agree that strong and immediate action on climate change will create jobs for Australians and help secure our economic prosperity,” said ACF executive director Don Henry.

“Big polluters are making mythical claims of financial disaster as a consequence of action on climate change in an attempt to weaken Australia’s response to the climate crisis.

“Big polluters are loading the problem of climate change onto the rest of us, instead of doing their fair share.

“We’re placing these ads to expose the big polluter myths and tell them it’s time to stop holding up progress and do their share,” Mr Henry said.

The advertisements follow the historic passing of climate legislation in the US House of Representatives, placing increasing pressure on the Australian Government to strengthen its climate legislation.

“Our politicians need to stand up to the plate and reduce assistance to polluters and put more money towards clean energy jobs,” Mr Henry said.

“We need investment in energy efficient production and effective climate legislation to cut greenhouse pollution, so Australia can have a credible voice at climate change negotiations in Copenhagen.”

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