Monday, 15 June 2009

Power Boss in Terror Threat

Green Terrorism has no place.

Fear and intimidation of individuals is abhorrent in a civilised society. The Power boss of Hazelwood does not consume all that electricity we all do. It is the fault of our government for failing to legislate higher emissions standards for power plants as Hazelwood , keeping it open when it should be shut, not the man who is providing for his family.

However desperation leads to desperate acts. Politicians are arguing amongst themselves about schemes which will make little difference whilst extinctions are happening now and our chances of rescuing the situation are diminishing with every day.

We need to demand an increase in energy prices. The Earth can no longer absorb our debt and has already exceeded her credit limit.

Climate Change Groups need to publicly state that this action is abhorred and demand it stop.

Green Terrorism has no place.

Sue King

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