Friday, 15 May 2009

They're worried out there

We may read that climate change isn't of widespread concern out in voterland. A recent survey by professional pollsters in the United States, however, reveals most people perceived climate change as "a serious threat, particularly to future generations". If these feelings are similar in Australia, we need to go on supporting and creating events to tap into these concerns. The takeaway - don't get discouraged!

An excerpt from the full article:
"A survey we completed in March reveals that nearly eight in 10 voters believe global warming is either happening now or will happen in the future, with 53 percent seeing evidence that it is happening right now. Gallup uncovered similar attitudes, as 53 percent told them global warming has already begun, while just 16 percent are deniers, expecting it will never happe.Over two-thirds of the electorate believes global warming constitutes a serious threat. In response to a different question, posed by researchers from Yale and George Mason universities, a similar number said they “worry” about global warming. A third believes it will harm them, while 61 percent foresee harm to future generations.Perhaps more importantly, voters are demanding action to reduce the carbon pollution that causes global warming. In the Yale/George Mason poll, two-thirds urge Congress to do more on the issue, and in our survey, 77 percent favor action to reduce carbon emissions. In an April ABC/Washington Post poll, 75 percent supported federal regulations on the release of greenhouse gases.In short, a strong public consensus has emerged on the reality and severity of global warming, as well as on the need for federal action."

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