Friday, 3 April 2009

Visit your MP or write a letter about the Feed In Tariff

Please visit your local MP - both upper and lower houses - about the Feed-in Tariff legislation. We are arranging some visits that you may wish to participate in - to be advised. Otherwise, make an appointment yourself!

And/or write a letter/email to your upper and lower house MPs , summary points provided below.

You don't have to be an expert of know all the facts, or convince them you are right. Remember, they are there to represent you as a resident, citizen and voter. Their primary concern is (or should be) what their constituents (such as you and 300 Ligher Footprints supporters) want.

Find your State MPs for Lighter Footprints areas/suburbs here.

General points

  • The proposed Feed-in Tariff (FIT) structure does not provide sufficient incentives for people, schools and business to install solar power (due to net metering and the 3.2kW array size cap)
  • This will compromise creating a vibrant jobs-rich solar sector - as they have in Germany where they have a good FIT.
  • Consumers who export electricity will only be paid "credits", not cash. This effectively removes incentives for energy efficiency appliances. It will also encourage people to "use their credit" by consuming more electricity, since it will not be redeemable as cash.
  • The Tariff should be amended to a gross tariff with a 10kW cap, as they have legislated for in WA and ACT.

Points for Labor MPs

  • Labor will lose votes over this issue as there is broad community support for an effective Feed-in Tariff
  • Labor has seriously misrepresented the financial impact on low income households - and is not prepared to disclose their financial modelling for this.
  • A gross feed-in tariff (as the same for a ‘net’ feed-in tariff) will result in a small increase in household electricity bills – approximately $6-12 per year. Concession card holders should be exempted from this extra cost.
  • The Feed-In Tariff is not a policy instrument for encouraging efficiency - it is for encouraging solar power
  • More solar panels mean we could avoid the new coal and gas fired power stations that Labor has already approved.
  • Labor's current Feed-In Tariff is industry friendly, but doesn't deliver for solar power and the community.
Points for Liberal MPs
  • The Liberals will gain significant votes from the broad community support for an effective Feed-in Tariff
More details if you need them:

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