Sunday, 26 April 2009

Human Sign - St Kilda Beach, Melbourne - 17 May 2009 - Part 2

This is a call to everyone who wants to be a part of something significant, climate change action on the beach in Melbourne!

LIVE are organising another, bigger, better sign after the success of the last one.

There are three ways to join in:

1. Promotion:
Distribute flyers and posters. Invite everyone you know to come along. More details here.

2. Be part of the human sign:
About 4,000 people have already expressed their desire to take part, how about joining them? The organiser's are expecting to accomodate upto 10,000 people. Express your interest here.

3. Help to organise the human sign:
They need 100 volunteers to help marshall all of those people arriving, parking cars. bikes and onto the letters on the beach. 40 more such volunteers are required. Start time is either 8am or 9.30am on the day, depending on duties. Details here.

Join something worthwhile, community action with a smile!

See our other blog entry.

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