Thursday, 19 March 2009

Consumption and Growth

Economic growth and the concomitant growth in waste, destruction of habitat etc is fuelled not by excess supply but excess demand.
The current downturn is through less customers not less stocks in stores.
There has been a small decrease in employment but a huge decrease in purchases. Why?
Not because people suddenly have less equity or less assets but they have less credit and less confidence(?)

So why is credit the key?
Because it allows us to buy (with misplaced confidence) what we cannot afford.
Because with credit we can borrow against the future.
There’s the rub! What future is there if we keep eating it? (Flannery)

Which way forward?
Smash the misplaced confidence generated by advertisers who encourage us to buy, with money we don’t have, the stuff we don’t need! (which is why landfill is choking and so is Fort Knox storage).
Lack of confidence should lead to a little humility in regard to the flagrant way we currently wield power over our world.
The Amerindians watched in shocked disbelief as white folks shot out 99.9% of all the buffalos in one generation.
When will we develop the shocked disbelief that befits us in our current circumstances. Aren’t we still shooting faster than ever?

Of course we must attack the consumption end! The KISS principle is very lucid.
The more we buy, the more we encourage the bastards who are never satisfied. They want permanently accelerating growth.
All the while they tell us it’s good for the economy, and the workers.
So why did our parents get by with just one wage and we need two? Because we need to pay in blood.
If this is so good for workers why is the disparity between rich and poor widening so fast? It’s always been a lie.
Why does the land of the free incarcerate 1,000,000 people? For many, crime is the only way to find a meal or a meaning.
Qui bono? Who does it benefit?
The middle class gets a little bit as a sop so they don’t complain as the oligarchs plunder the whole world.
And you thought Caligula eating his own child to rob him of his incipient power was ancient history.
Take a walk in any city store any day and watch as Caligula eats your grandchildren.
Permanent growth is ipso facto a pyramid scheme!
It worked well with the currency in Zimbabwe. The bigger the notes the less they are worth. A bread loaf now costs 10,000,000,000 dollars.

Here is the magic!! If we consume less it will be worth more!!!
Since when did we value the ephemeral, commonplace, expendable, cheap, trashy, fast and fattening.
If ‘cheap and affordable’ is so ‘democratising’ why do the big CEOs reject this democracy? Something to think about?!
If life is so good for workers why is Sol Trujillo not wearing overalls?
After all Adam Smith, his hero, basically regarded managers as parasites.
What are we all waiting for??? It is simple! CONSUME LESS.
General Motors is on its knees. Just don’t buy a GM car for another six months and the bastards will cark it. The others will learn.
We are the best educated and stupidest generation ever. We used our ‘smarts’ to conquer the earth and it has lost and so have we!
‘Graduated reform’ will be a slow failure because it will be a disingenuous and corrupt rearguard action (more likely a sham, e.g.CPRS) overseen by vested interests.
This is the long promised and inexorable collapse that will rid us of our confidence and force us to confront the planet’s limitations.

The conservation movement has a unique opportunity.
We don’t need to grow in power.
We just need to pull out the rug on growth, right now, as it’s wobbling at the knees.
Industry and consumption will shrink.
Done and dusted!
We will thus still have the savings left to rebuild.

Robbert Veerman

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