Monday, 22 December 2008

Victorian Emissions Chart and Data

At the last meeting, we discussed the usefulness of knowing (like the water levels in our reservoirs) how the State is performing regarding current GHG emissions. Perhaps to ask the media to publish the information?

I promised to post information once I found the link again . . .

Please see below from The Climate Group's Australia Director, Rupert Posner. For more information and other States pls visit

This week's (12– 18 Dec) Victoria Indicator is 2.016 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, the breakdown is as follows:

In tonnes:
Electricity from coal: 1.283 million; 64%
Natural gas: 0.202 million; 10%
Petroleum: 0.530 million; 26%
  • Victoria’s emissions from energy were 1.5% or 30,000 tonnes higher this week.
  • Emissions from coal-fired generators, which accounted for 98% of Victoria’s generation, were 2.1% or 26,000 tonnes higher this week due to several units coming back into production.
  • Electricity demand fell by 0.9%, declining for the fourth consecutive week.
  • Emissions from gas grew by 2.7% or 5000 tonnes.
  • Emissions from petroleum products fell by 0.3% or 1000 tonnes.
  • This week’s Indicator is 11.8% higher than the same week in 2007 and total emissions to this stage of 2008 are 2% higher than the similar stage last year.
  • This week’s Indicator is 31.1% above the equivalent 1990 weekly average.


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