Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Too little too late?

If you have been reading these reports from Lighter Footprints over the past year or so, you may have wondered if we are a growing group or just a small declining rump. The group has in fact grown, by cementing relationships across what were independent groups previously. The Coalition of Climate Change Action Groups that came together to run the Kooyong forum in the Hawthorn Town Hall in September last year, (where representatives of four political parties discussed their climate change positions prior to the last election,) has stayed together. We have kept the name of Lighter Footprints but the group has expanded significantly with the merging of these other groups. This has been the driver that has enabled us to focus on the wide range of projects we have in hand.

A brief update of these projects may entice some like-minded local residents to join us. We are limited in what we can work on, by the numbers we have to work with. More hands would be very welcome

1. Energy efficiency projects:
- clothes drying innovations;
- household energy research and audits;
- case studies of changes in two households.

2. Automotive - research and writing of submissions on new approaches to transport.

3. Greenpower - what does it mean and how can we promote it.

4. Trees/Water/Carbon - how are they linked and what do we know about them - and what positions should we be promoting as best for limiting climate change.

5. Local government - preparing submissions for Our Boroondara - Our City Our Future, and attending workshops and seminars seeking community views on actions concerning climate change, in both Whitehorse and Boroondara. Working with SHNC on the up-coming Sustainability Festival.

6. Political Strategy - working with other climate change groups around Melbourne and across the country in building a coherent strategic approach to federal and state governments, and other appropriate organisations.

All of us work on local issues - we try first and foremost to limit our own footprint on this earth and to find old and new ways to do this. Many of us also work at translating our sense of urgency for action to our governments at the three levels. The more our network of climate change action groups taps into the research, the more concerned we become at the level of general complacency over the rate that we will experience this change. There is a time imperative that we cannot ignore.

If you share our concern that our government is showing too little leadership in limiting our race towards global warming and its consequent perils for this earth, and you’d like to participate in the actions Lighter Footprints think are needed to push for changes, then join us. We need you.

Carolyn Ingvarson
Lighter Footprints

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