Monday, 22 December 2008

The mental health impacts of climate change

Hope, despair and transformation: Climate change and the promotion of mental health and wellbeing

A debate article found in the International Journal of Mental Health Systems by Jessica G Fritze, Grant A Blashki, Susie Burke and John Wiseman.

Abstract of the article appears below:


This article aims to provide an introduction to emerging evidence and debate about the relationship between climate change and mental health.

Discussion and Conclusion
The authors argue that:
  • i) the direct impacts of climate change such as extreme weather events will have significant mental health implications;
  • ii) climate change is already impacting on the social, economic and environmental determinants of mental health with the most severe consequences being felt by disadvantaged communities and populations;
  • iii) understanding the full extent of the long term social and environmental challenges posed by climate change has the potential to create emotional distress and anxiety; and
  • iv) understanding the psycho-social implications of climate change is also an important starting point for informed action to prevent dangerous climate change at individual, community and societal levels.

Courtesy of David Spratt.

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