Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Meeting - last one for 2008

A reminder that our last meeting for the year is next Wed Dec 3 at 7.45 pm at Carolyn's house 15 Faversham Rd Canterbury.

This will also be our Xmas do, and so you may like to bring something nice to share. The intention for the evening is to welcome everyone and introduce new people. There may be a few announcements of events such as the January Summit in Canberra, and other events between now and early next year. We'll then ask for reflections on the highlights of the past year, as each of us sees it, and then time for ideas about the way we might approach the coming year.

This is not our strategic planning time. This is to put out on the table the possibilities for us to work on next year. We will be determining when we will take that half day to focus ourselves for the next year, and it should be February sometime. If you have a particular item you'd like to raise which is not really part of the above process, then let me know and we'll work out when to do that.

I'll have the remaining teeshirts here for anyone who'd like to buy one ($20 as a discount for Xmas) I will attach here the events Calendar from Monique and the action and publications report from David Spratt

The article circulated by Ben from George Monbiot is an awful reminder of why we keep plugging away - there is no choice.

Hope to see on Dec 3rd. Would be helpful if you could let me know if you a can come.


9836 0925

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