Tuesday, 23 December 2008

A little less conversation . . .

"Silence equals acceptance. Speak Out"

Once again, Lighter Footprints took to the streets of Boroondara. This time, 5-6pm, 23 Dec at Camberwell Junction.

Again raising local awareness of climate change, this time with a message to contact PM Rudd and Minister Wong to express dissatisfaction with the government's climate change policies.

We handed out flyers to passers by which encouraged them to write (or call) and ask and the pollies some questions - we also supplied the contacts of the two politicians. Lots of positive responses from the people we talked with and supportive toots from cars passing by. We did have someone trying to convince us that climate change was due to sun spots "as confirmed by all the scientists". We think he meant all the skeptics.

To join Lighter Footprints in climate action, contact us here.

End of shift chit chat. Noticably lacking in doom or gloom!
(BTW - there are far more than 6 of us in the LF group . . . !)

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