Friday, 19 December 2008

Lighter Footprints in Action - Kew Junction

After such disappointing news about Australia's interim (2020) carbon reduction targets (5%), many of us felt we needed to let off steam. Inspired by Lynn's call to action, a number of the group met at Kew Junction in Boroondara for a one hour demonstration, starting at 3.30pm. We figured that would be a peak time for traffic through this very busy road junction with five major roads connecting through this one point.

We didn't have a specific message to send to the public - we just wanted to express our dissatisfaction and outrage at the Rudd governments policies, remind people that climate change IS STILL an emergency, show them they are not alone in their concern and perhaps inspire them to take action or join us. All that with one banner, a foam turtle and a few sandwich boards!

The response was heartening. Many drivers tooted horns and waved and passengers shouted their support. We had pedestrians coming over for a chat and information about the group. Of course there were a few who took exception and were less complimentary - one ute driver insisted we 'got off the dole and got ourselves a proper job'. As he sped by, we didn't have time to point out that we were not claiming money from the government (unlike big business which insists that tax payers subsidize their profits) and some of us had given up well paid work in order to try and do something about climate change.

In all, it was a fun hour in the sun and we agreed that we'd all do it again, next time at Camberwell Junction on Tue 23 Dec at 5pm. Come join us there or contact Lynn for more information.

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