Monday, 9 June 2008

Climate change is costly

Lighter Footprints climate change action group supports funding in Boroondara Council's recent draft budget for initiatives that to move us towards a sustainable community that is carbon neutral.

Rather than it being "costly being green" (Progress Leader 3/6), large Council expenditure on transporting recycled water are actually the result of reduced rainfall due to climate change. We believe it will be much more costly and risky in the long run if we don't take immediate action to tackle climate change by both
reducing our carbon emissions and reducing energy use through improved energy efficiency.

We suggest the Council adopt a carbon neutral policy and establish a revolving energy fund for initiatives such as fitting low energy street lighting and making all Council buildings and plant more energy efficient. Such a fund can also save us money from resulting
energy savings.

We also suggest that more funds be allocated to improving pedestrian walking areas and cycle paths, which are both
to low carbon transport options and have the added advantage of taking cars of our heavily congested roads.

We believe that the Council has a pivotal role advising and working with the local community to ensure that we and our children have a sustainable and happy future.

Peter Campbell
Lighter Footprints Climate Change Action Group spokesperson
Mobile: 0409 417 504

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