Thursday, 8 May 2008

Ligher Footprints at the Feed-in tariff solar rally

Lighter Footprints members Carolyn, Jenny and Peter attended the rally protesting against the Victorian Governments disappointing feed-in tariff legislation.

Jenny and Carolyn at the rally

A "feed in tariff" pays producers of solar power (such as those with solar panels on their roof) are premium price (e.g. six times the retail rate) for their clean energy, and can provide great incentives for solar panel installation and a local clean energy industry.

Unfortunately, the Brumby government's tariff only pays producers for the "net energy" they export to the grid, rather than the "gross energy" they produce to reduce emissions. They have also capped the tariff to systems less than 2kW, for reasons which are unclear.

This means that the feed in tariff will benefit almost nobody! The cap should be removed and the tariff should apply to gross metering.

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