Thursday, 17 April 2008

Lighterfootprints – making a mark!

Lighterfootprints has prepared its focus for the rest of this year. We will be running several projects which will be led by different group members who are looking for other members of our local community to join.

Some of these might be of interest to you:-
  1. Political Change ~ focus on influencing the Federal Government to accept higher 2050 targets (Garnaud) and to set reasonable stepping stones (mid-term targets and strategies). Develop alliances with other climate groups throughout Australia who share this goal
  2. Green Power /household efficiency ~ continuing education, motivation and action for householders to reduce their use of energy through increased efficiencies and reduced waste
  3. Local Government ~ pressuring the councils in our catchment to show more leadership through reducing their footprint until carbon neutral (within five years) and partnering with them in appropriate ventures.
  4. Trees Water Carbon ~ getting information on trees, water carbon and biodiversity and their linkage to climate change, and taking appropriate actions
  5. Transport/Automotive ~ seeking improved public transport and patronage in urban and outlying areas and pursuing vehicle improvements to reduce carbon emissions .

In addition to the projects, we will be undertaking various forms of targeted research to provide data and other information to support the key projects. Our database needs work, developing a computer based system of supporters, and we are looking for members to assist with communication to help with various special messages via email and a (possible) periodic LF Newsletter.

So you see there is room for you, and you would be welcomed.

We are working with other climate change action groups to formulate approaches which are consistent with these Five Keys to a Safe Climate Future from a recent publication called Climate Code Red -

  1. We have no right to bargain away species or human lives
  2. We are facing rapid warming impacts: the danger is immediate, not just in the future.
  3. For a safe climate future, we must take action now to stop emissions and to cool the earth
  4. We need to plan a large-scale transition to a post-carbon economy and society
  5. We need to recognise a climate and sustainability emergency, because we need to move at a pace far beyond business and politics as usual

The more we learn about the rate of arctic melt which is way more than predicted for the current temperatures, the more concerned we become about the rate at which we must change our practices of continuing to mindlessly emit carbon and fuel temperature rises.

If you are also concerned to do what you can, join us.

Carolyn Ingvarson
03 9836 0925

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