Friday, 2 November 2007

Upcoming event: Walk At The Lake 10 November


Nunawading’s rare bushland and habitat of the breeding Powerful Owl.

Walk At The Lake

Saturday, 10th November 2007

Welcome from 3.00 pm
Guest Speaker - Dr. Ian McPhail (Commissioner For Environmental Sustainability)
Mystery Prize & Guided Walk (View the endangered site from Blackburn Lake Sanctuary)

Start & Finish:
Blackburn Lake Sanctuary Visitor Centre, Central Road, Blackburn
(Melways 48 B11)

Join The Fight To Protect Nunawading’s Magnificent Bush Corridor !
  • Some of Victoria’s last remaining “Valley Heathy Forest”.
  • Over 400 mature indigenous trees.
  • Around 15 species of native ground covers and grasses.
  • Habitat for many native Birds including the endangered Powerful Owl.
  • A vital part of the fragile Gardiner’s Creek / Blackburn Lake Eco system.
Community Support Is Needed

This land is under threat from development. You can let our politicians know that Government Funding is needed now as:
  • Public ownership of the site is critical for the survival of Victoria’s rare “Valley Heathy Forest”, the Powerful Owls and all their mates.
  • This site is part of a green corridor linking “A Mega Mile Of Bushland”.
  • Green corridors are the life-support systems of our Bushland areas.
  • Public ownership will enhance the Blackburn Lake precinct’s important role in educating us about our natural environment and a sustainable future.
  • There is an opportunity to purchase the site on Central Road currently owned by the Seventh Day Adventist Church.
  • The City of Whitehorse Public Open Space ratio, particularly in Nunawading, is one of the lowest in Metropolitan Melbourne.
  • Private funding has already been pledged.
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