Sunday, 4 November 2007

Senate Candidates Climate Change Debate

Hear Liberal, Labor, Green and Democrat Senate candidates debate climate change issuesWhen: Wednesday 7 November at 7:30 p.m
Where: Elgin Inn Hotel, 75 Burwood Road, HawthornThe candidates will be Lyn Allison Democrats, Richard Di Natale Greens, Jacinta Collins ALP, and Scott Ryan Liberals. The candidates will speak on two topics – how their party’s policies on climate change are more effective than other parties, and what percentage of our power sector they see being coal and what renewables by 2050, and what moves they would take towards that during their terms of office.

There will be a panel of three experts who will ask some questions of clarification, and there will opportunity for candidates to question each other, and some audience questions at the end.

There is capacity for only 120 people upstairs at Elgin Inn and there is parking in the surrounding streets. Hawthorn Railway stations is nearby and it is tram routes 75 and

Come early to ensure a seat.
Entrance gold coin donation.

Organised by Lighterfootprints Carolyn Ingvarson and Lynn Frankes
Download promotional flyer here (Doc)

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