Monday, 12 November 2007

Walk against warming

Lighter Footprints members were among the 30,000 that attended the Walk against Warming in Melbourne on Sunday 11 November 2007.

Tim Costello addressed the crowd and called for real and immediate action on climate change and stated the global warming and global poverty have morphed into one issue.


Thursday, 8 November 2007

Senate candidates climate change forum photos

The senate candidates climate change forum on 7 November at the Elgin Inn in Hawthorn was a great success. Many people attended to hear what the four candidates for the Victorian senate had to say about climate change and many questions were asked.

Video clip 1 - Lyn Allison (Democrats), Jacinta Collins (Labor) and Richard Di Natale (Greens)

Video clip 2 - Scott Ryan (Liberal) and panel questions
Some more video segments are coming too. Here are some photos from the event.

Carolyn Ingvarson, convener of Lighter Footprints Climate Change Action Group

Richard Di Natale (Greens), Jacinta Collins (Labor), Scott Ryan (Liberal) Senator Lyn Allison (Democrats)

Richard Di Natale
Scott Ryan
The Panel: Tricia Phelan (EV), Ian Enting (Melbourne University), Denise Boyd (ACF)

Scott Ryan (Liberal), Richard Di Natale (Greens), Jacinta Collins (Labor), Senator Lyn Allison (Democrats)

The candidates and the panel
Jacinta Collins (Labor) and Senator Lyn Allison (Democrats)

The queue for questions


Sunday, 4 November 2007

Senate Candidates Climate Change Debate

Hear Liberal, Labor, Green and Democrat Senate candidates debate climate change issuesWhen: Wednesday 7 November at 7:30 p.m
Where: Elgin Inn Hotel, 75 Burwood Road, HawthornThe candidates will be Lyn Allison Democrats, Richard Di Natale Greens, Jacinta Collins ALP, and Scott Ryan Liberals. The candidates will speak on two topics – how their party’s policies on climate change are more effective than other parties, and what percentage of our power sector they see being coal and what renewables by 2050, and what moves they would take towards that during their terms of office.

There will be a panel of three experts who will ask some questions of clarification, and there will opportunity for candidates to question each other, and some audience questions at the end.

There is capacity for only 120 people upstairs at Elgin Inn and there is parking in the surrounding streets. Hawthorn Railway stations is nearby and it is tram routes 75 and

Come early to ensure a seat.
Entrance gold coin donation.

Organised by Lighterfootprints Carolyn Ingvarson and Lynn Frankes
Download promotional flyer here (Doc)

Friday, 2 November 2007

Upcoming event: Walk At The Lake 10 November


Nunawading’s rare bushland and habitat of the breeding Powerful Owl.

Walk At The Lake

Saturday, 10th November 2007

Welcome from 3.00 pm
Guest Speaker - Dr. Ian McPhail (Commissioner For Environmental Sustainability)
Mystery Prize & Guided Walk (View the endangered site from Blackburn Lake Sanctuary)

Start & Finish:
Blackburn Lake Sanctuary Visitor Centre, Central Road, Blackburn
(Melways 48 B11)

Join The Fight To Protect Nunawading’s Magnificent Bush Corridor !
  • Some of Victoria’s last remaining “Valley Heathy Forest”.
  • Over 400 mature indigenous trees.
  • Around 15 species of native ground covers and grasses.
  • Habitat for many native Birds including the endangered Powerful Owl.
  • A vital part of the fragile Gardiner’s Creek / Blackburn Lake Eco system.
Community Support Is Needed

This land is under threat from development. You can let our politicians know that Government Funding is needed now as:
  • Public ownership of the site is critical for the survival of Victoria’s rare “Valley Heathy Forest”, the Powerful Owls and all their mates.
  • This site is part of a green corridor linking “A Mega Mile Of Bushland”.
  • Green corridors are the life-support systems of our Bushland areas.
  • Public ownership will enhance the Blackburn Lake precinct’s important role in educating us about our natural environment and a sustainable future.
  • There is an opportunity to purchase the site on Central Road currently owned by the Seventh Day Adventist Church.
  • The City of Whitehorse Public Open Space ratio, particularly in Nunawading, is one of the lowest in Metropolitan Melbourne.
  • Private funding has already been pledged.
For more information:

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

About Lighter Footprints

We are a group of concerned residents from Surrey Hills, Canterbury and the local neighbourhood (Victoria, Australia) who came together in late 2006 to see where we might focus our energies in response to the pending changes to our climate. We have agreed to work together to reduce our own footprints on this earth. We want to address the issue of the continued survival of life on this planet from a local perspective, focused around the overall reduction of green-house gas emissions.
Our approach is that :-
  • We are looking for action, rather than further debate.
  • We recognise that climate change has been flagged for years; we hold an element of impatience to see some action taken.
  • We also recognise that some of the actions we might press for are to improve the understanding and changed practice of those (many) who are just beginning to get the message, and to do so through a grass roots approach.
  • We are unaligned to any political party. (This does not preclude members working with political parties where they choose.)
  • We look to work out the hammer blows that will elicit the fastest change.
  • We propose to take action on things we can control, and spread that as widely as possible.
  • We will continue to write letters to politicians as an effective means of putting forward a position.
  • We will learn from other activists and bring that learning to the group as part of the regular meeting process.
  • We are a "Ginger Group" – gadflies ready to sting.
  • We are keen to include other members of our community who are also concerned to improve what they do as individuals, households and a local community.
Our Vision statement.

Our Mission statement.

Key Strategies
Our Key strategies.


Please refer to 'Our Project Groups' in the right hand side menu.

Lighter Footprints meets on the first Wednesday of the month. Meetings in 2009 begin in February. Topics include discussion with experts, the development of group projects, and support for each others’ self-help activities. Meetings are scheduled in the evenings from 7.45 pm at addresses which change monthly. More details here.
Information available from Carolyn Ingvarson 9836 0925

We welcome new members and the interest of anyone who is concerned about global warming. Details of the ways in which you may choose to participate in Lighter Footprints are here. Just turn up at a meeting, call us or drop us a line.

To contact or join us, click here.