Sunday, 16 October 2016

Next Lighter Footprints Meeting Oct 26

Next Lighter Footprints meeting - Wed 26 Oct 

Wednesday 26 October 
7.00 pm for 7.30 start
Guide Hall
1 Faversham Rd

You are warmly invited to join us for this meeting at 7.00 pm to share a glass of wine, tea coffee and plenty of nibbles and to meet new faces, 

find out who we are and what we do.

  Stories of hope, healing and meaning

Faith, literature and psychology all deal with what it is to be human and find meaning in our world.
How can we tap into this wisdom in the context of dealing with climate change? 

Panel of three speakers, Cath James, Carol Ride and Nivy Balachandran

Carol Ride is a psychologist and couple psychotherapist, who is well known in the climate movement in Melbourne for the last several years. Carol Ride is President of Psychology for a Safe Climate (PSC) a group of  psychologists and helping professionals working together to contribute psychological understanding within the community to support and facilitate strong and urgent action on climate change. 

Cath James
Campaigns and Communications OfficerCommission for Mission 
Cath James is the Campaigns and Communications Officer for the Uniting Church's social justice unit in Victoria and Tasmania. She has spent the last twenty years working on climate change and is particularly interested in how stories inform how we understand the world and then how we act as a result.  She spends her spare time writing fiction and re-imagining how the world could be.

Nivy Balachandran
Regional Coordinator, United Religions Initiative (URI) Southeast Asia and the Pacific - Pacific Zone

Nivy has been involved in local and international interfaith work for several years. Nivy has extensive experience in government and the nonprofit sector where she was involved in project planning, community organizing, and developing public policy. Through her leadership with InterAction, Nivy has experience in developing in interfaith leadership training, manages communications strategies, and fostering mutually trusting relationships across religious and ethnic barriers. 

After the break, discussion of other issues on our agenda 

Further information 0411 115 186


Thursday, 13 October 2016

October 11 meeting

At our Box Hill Town Hall forum on June 16, the three political panelists were asked if they would meet together for a coffee after the election-no matter what the result, and talk about common ground for climate change.
Today they met.
We will hope that this is the start of a slow process of building bridges and gaining trust so that over time our climate change policy will become something that is agreed between the parties - a least in the main.

 Tonight Minister Frydenberg indicated that discussions were constructive and that they will keep the doors open for further exploration of these important issues.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Glenferrie Rotary Talk - Oct 11

Carolyn Ingvarson spoke on Climate Change to this Rotary group on October 11.
Click here for her presentation slides:

Carolyn Ingvarson and Carol Benson - President of Glenferrie Rotary Club.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Local Government Elections

Lighter Footprints Public Forum

(Slides from David Meiklejohn's presentation available here

What more could our new Boroondara Council do to step up on the environment?
Hear about what makes for best practice in local government
Meet your local Council candidates & ask them questions (All candidates from all 10 wards have been invited)
Council Elections Are Coming
How can Council help us to live more sustainably?
Speaker: David Meiklejohn (RMIT)
When: Sunday 9 October 3:45pm for 4:00pm start
: Hawthorn Library, 584 Glenferrie Road, Meeting Room 3&4
The first half of this forum will be speaker presentation and questions; the second half will be groups based on Council wards, with candidates and residents.
For more information, visit Contact – Carolyn 0411 115 186 

Forum Speaker
David Meiklejohn has worked as a behaviour change specialist both within government and as a consultant for the past 20 years, developing and delivering programs in Australia and the UK.
He is researching Australian local governments that have responded to climate change, with innovative solutions that reduce emissions and have the capacity to scale-up quickly.
In this talk, he will present examples of local government action from both Australia and internationally that we need more of, in order to effectively address climate change.
The first half of this forum will be speaker presentation and questions; the second half will be groups based on Council wards, with Candidates and residents.
Lighter Footprints, is a group of concerned residents from Boroondara who came together in 2006 to see what we could do about the serious challenge of climate change.
For more information, visit Contact Carolyn 0411 115 186 

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Next Lighter Footprints meeting - Wed 28 Sep.

Wednesday 28 September 
7.00 pm for 7.30 start
Guide Hall
1 Faversham Rd

You are warmly invited to join us for this meeting at 7.00 pm to share a glass of wine, tea coffee and plenty of nibbles and to meet new faces, 

find out who we are and what we do.

Speaker : -  Michael Staindl  - 
Electric vehicles - what is their future?
Michael will outline the recent BZE report on Electric Vehicles 
Video and discussion will follow.

Second part of the meeting will include discussion of the energy efficiency approaches used in the home of member Peter Hartley, and advice from member Eagan Angus  on how to care for solar panels on your home. 

Further information 0411 115 186


Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Slides from the last LF Meeting

Our meeting on August 31 with Bruce Mountain and Dan Cass was packed and the audience had plenty of questions for our speakers.

The slides used by the speakers are on the web, under forum and presentations.
A shortened audio tape for each speaker has been made and these are available at these links;
Dan Cass (8 mins)

Bruce Mountain - and questions -(20 mins)

For further information
contact Carolyn -
0411 115 186

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Next Meeting Lighter Footprints Wed August 31

  "How do we understand the Australian energy market, and the role of renewables?" 

Our speakers, Bruce Mountain and Dan Cass will discuss what is happening in Australia currently, both at the household level and across the country, and the opportunities this government has to move to a low emissions energy sector.

Bruce Mountain is Director of CME Consulting. He is a Melbourne based energy economist with 25 years’ experience in this field. He specialises in the economic regulation of networks and in the design of electricity markets and renewable energy policies.

Dan Cass is strategist at the Australia Institute and an honorary associate at Sydney Business School. Dan is on the advisory board of Solar Head of State and provides independent strategy and policy consulting services.

 Come and hear two experts speak on one of the most crucial issues for us in the climate movement, and join the discussion framed by these speakers. This will be  followed by further work on current projects after the break.

Wednesday 31 August 7.00 pm for 7.30 start
Guide Hall
1 Faversham Rd

You are warmly invited to join us for this meeting at 7.00 pm to share a glass of wine, tea coffee and plenty of nibbles and to meet new faces, find out who we are and what we do.Further information 0411 115 186ENTRY BY GOLD COIN DONATION

Monday, 18 July 2016

Next Lighter Footprints Meeting Wednesday 27 July

What did the climate movement learn from the  July Federal election?

What should we be thinking about next?


Victorian McKenzie McHarg  - Chair of Climate Action Network Australia (CANA) and Climate Change Program Manager for ACF

Peter Christoff - Assoc. Prof. Climate politics and policy, Department of Resource Management and Geography, 
University of Melbourne

 Come and hear two points of view, and join the discussion framed by these speakers. This will be  followed by further work on current projects after the break.

Wednesday 27 July 7.00 pm for 7.30 start
Guides Hall
1 Faversham Rd

You are warmly invited  join us for this meeting at 7.00 pm to share a glass of wine, tea coffee and plenty of nibbles and to meet new faces, find out who we are and what we do.


Further information 
0411 115 186

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Next LF meeting _ CSIRO

 What is happening to our premier scientific organisation?
Are funding and job cuts destroying the joint?
Can climate research be saved?
 By whom? What do we need to do?

 Former CSIRO scientists
will speak and answer questions on

Wednesday 29 June 7.00 pm for 7.30 start
Guides Hall
1 Faversham Rd

You are warmly invited  join us for this meeting at 7.00 pm to share a glass of wine and nibbles and to find out who we are and what we do.

Entry by gold coin donation

Sunday, 19 June 2016

More on the Box Hill Town Hall Forum

Coral Coal and Climate Change

Here is a response to the evening from one of our members.
She has agreed to all of us having a chance to read her comments.
In addition, here are a few more photos (thanks to Julian).

Dear Carolyn and All, 

It was great to be part of last night’s very well organised, polite, and amazingly well attended event at Box Hill Town Hall which, most importantly, helped us ‘move politically towards co-operation on Climate Change Action'.

Congratulations to you all for a grand effort and a very good outcome, and thanks to you Carolyn for representing so well the public face of Lighter Footprints at the forum.

For me, the strong themes on the night were: 
the reality of climate change and the urgency for action now (great video clips to focus us on the realities and move us well beyond debate);
 the power of one young woman, Kathleen to speak directly and unencumbered about what really matters (there needs to be more of these young voices);
 the collaboration, sharing of resources and working together with different climate change action groups (a great modelling); 
the significant differences between the parties policies in regard to substantial and effective action (there was good opportunity for these differences to be clearly stated, although attempts to smooth over the mismatch between the realities of the challenges and the proposed policies and practice by some presenters about how far Australia is out of step with developing nations in commitment to the substantial action required were painful to watch).  

However, what was perhaps most encouraging was how gradually we observed a very positive development of the discussion over the evening (due in no small part to the well managed process of dialogue, helped by Rod Quantock’s humour, and the focussed questions from the audience).  There was an even greater respect for the problems of the rapidly occurring impacts of climate change on our planet, the reef, our health, our basic needs and lively-hoods, together with the need for us to be co-operating together, right now, in order to effectively address these problems. We were all witness to this gradual shift and we need to hold the politicians who presented to their publicly-stated commitments.

I am very sorry to hear that someone has attempted to fan up negative media about a small stunt which was very well-handled.  This could undermine the very important positive outcomes from the night. I think it is up to Minister Josh Frydenberg himself to go front-foot about what was basically a very small, harmless and well-handled incident, in the context of the very well conducted and respectful meeting.  If the Minister is not willing to publically do this, he is already stepping away from his public statements and pledge at the end of the meeting to meet (be it over coffee) with Mark Butler and Janet Rice ,and work together on a tripartisan approach to tackling climate change. 

Dividing peoples for competing political reasons will never result in a reduction in global warming. As we in Lighter Footprints know, we need collaboration and co-operation now in order to address climate change and its escalating threats to our planet, for our healthy survival. 

I hope we are all uplifted ( although some of you no doubt tired after all your efforts and a late night!) and encouraged to take things to the next level what-ever that may be. 

With my regards and good wishes and again many thanks - you are great group of people doing good things together and it’s good to be connected to you.

Ros Chandler

18th June 2016

 Carolyn Ingvarson
 Kathleen Hanson

 Peter Christoff

 Josh Frydenberg
 Rod Quantock
 Mark Butler
 Janet Rice

Friday, 17 June 2016


See the Facebook link to the live stream.
 and  here

First pictures here
Over 550 with standing room only
Politicians discussed serious issue related to Climate Change, and agreed to continue the discussion  with a view to finding common ground to progress the challenge that Australia faces.
 More when our pictures come through but here are some tastes.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

To register, please go to <=(Click On This Link)

Thanks so much. See you there.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Coral, Coal and Climate Change

Lighter Footprints and ECAM present -

Federal Election Candidates Forum
Box Hill Town Hall 
Thursday 16 June 
6:30 for 7:00pm start 

Meet your Liberal, Labor and Greens candidates for
Chisholm, Deakin and Kooyong

 Ask them questions so you can better understand the differences between the politcal party policies on climate change.
Is it really coal vs the reef? Or climate vs jobs? Or environment vs the economy? 

MC - Rod Quantock OAM Speakers

Mark Butler - Labor Shadow Minister for Climate Change 
Janet Rice - Greens Party Senator for Victoria
Josh Frydenberg - Minister for Energy and Resources and Northern Australia

Peter Christoff University of Melbourne, Climate Policy and Politics
and introducing
Kathleen Hanson
- Boroondara Young Citizen of the Year 

Second half 
Break sessions in separate rooms for Deakin, Chisholm and Kooyong.

The major candidates from the three electorates have been invited to meet with you in the breakout sessions. 

Eventbrite  -

Further enquiries 
Carolyn Ingvarson 0411 115 186, Daryl Maunder 0409 179 817

Tuesday, 10 May 2016


Wed May 25
7 for 7.30 PM 
Guide Hall
Faversham Rd

"Where is Boroonadara headed with its Low Carbon Strategy to 2020?"

Come and hear the early plans and provide input into this strategy

Mathew Dixon
Senior Sustainability Officer
City of Boroondara  

Mathew has responsibility for climate change and energy actions.

And introducing the Community Power Agency with Manny Pasqualini

In the second part of the meeting, we shall hear briefly about our Forum for Thursday June16  and what we need to make this happen; then we will discuss further what our actions should include prior to this year's local government election.



Join us for an engaging evening 

All welcome.



Sunday, 1 May 2016

These photos refer to Lynne's post on our stalls - see below this post. 
 Burwood Festival stall - May 1. 2016

St Pauls Anglican Church fete April 16, 2016 Add caption

This is a quiz that turned out to be quite hard
Email for answers!


This Lighter Footprints group collected signatures on postcards in the Premier Dan Andrews electorate, and then visited his office to deliver them and over 100 letters encouraging a faster take-up of the government's approach to renewable energy.
April 8, 2016