Thursday, 28 February 2019

Slides from Wed 27 Forum on Energy

Bruce Mountain
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Simon Holmes a Court

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Saturday, 2 February 2019

Meeting Wed February 27

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One year ago, energy expert and media commentator Simon Holmes a Court packed out our hall for his take on what is going on with energy policy in Australia. 

Since then we have had a tumultuous time in politics, including a new PM, kicked off by the failure of yet another attempt at a national energy policy. And the news on our looming climate catastrophe has only got worse. 

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Globally renewable energy is leaping ahead with a clean energy transition well underway. But not in Australia, even though a recent CSIRO report has established that renewables and storage is clearly the cheapest and most effective form of energy to add to our grid. What really is going on? 

Come to our expert forum on 27th February, 7pm, at the Hawthorn Town Hall for the inside story from energy experts Simon Holmes a Court and Bruce Mountain, joined by media icon Rob Gell.

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Thursday, 22 November 2018

Next meeting Wed November 28

Don’t Mention the Emergency? November 28th
Welcome to our next event, the last public meeting of the year - “Don't mention the Emergency” 

The earth is too hot. But we do have effective, affordable solutions if we can scale up action rapidly. Jane Morton, an experienced clinical psychologist will give us valuable insights on how to communicate the climate emergency, as a basis for working together for this critically important task.

Jane Morton’s booklet is already into its second printing in under two months, and has been widely distributed to policy makers, first responder agencies and is now informing the growing climate emergency movement in the US and the UK, with Los Angeles and other municipalities joining 5 councils in Australia, and now the first in Britain, in declaring a Climate Emergency, and moving ahead with citywide action plans.  Jane’s booklet offers not only a clear outline of the task we face in addressing climate change, but gives us ways to approach it.  The booklet is available to read here. 

This meeting is on the last Wednesday of the month  - November 28 at the Guide Hall in Faversham Rd Canterbury - 7 pm for 7.30 start. 
If you are on Facebook, you can encourage others to come to this important event by registering on our Facebook Event.

Monday, 5 November 2018

Over 400 people attended our forum in Hawthorn Arts Centre on Tuesday 30 October. 

Forum short videos
Our editors have now finished syncing up the sound and vision and chopping up the long video into some bite sized chunks so you can listen again to what our candidates and speakers had to say about the topic of our recent packed out forum - Climate Change, Why Should I Care.

Oliver Yates certainly didn’t hold back - listen to his blunt advice on creating climate impact with your vote in a two minute, shareable short on You Tube - or join in the conversation on our Facebook post.

Here are the full 5 minute presentations from these speakers and candidates on You Tube.

• Liberal candidate John Pesutto  -- 5 minute video link here
• Greens candidate Nicholas Bieber 5 minute video here - tweeted here
• Labor candidate John Kennedy 5 minute video here - tweeted here

Forum Slides: 
We have had many requests for access to the slides.

We have made them available to you in two places. 

Three Panelists can be found together in 1. below, and Joelle Gergis's slides are submitted separately as PDF’s  in 2. 

Facebook Live
The speakers can be revisited at our Forum Facebook live - on our Lighter Footprints Facebook Page 

You can find these presentations on Facebook Live at the following minutes: 
Joelle Gergis at 8:00 minutes, Sara Barker 13 minutes, Oliver Yates 21.30, Mark Wakeham 29


• Greens candidate Nicholas Bieber: 1.30:00

• Labor candidate John Kennedy: 1.36:00

• Liberal candidate John Pesutto: 1.41:00 

Visualisation of earth temperature’s rising
Here is a link to Mark Wakeham’s dramatic first slide

Facebook Album and Simon Holmes a Court Live Tweets
And don’t forget our Facebook Album of images of the night, and Simon Holmes a Court stunning set of Live Tweets - 100-150 actively engaged tweeters and 28,000 impressions
If you are on Facebook or Twitter you can help push out the climate vote message of the forum by sharing, commenting, retweeting and replying to these images and tweets!

Hope you enjoy revisiting these presentations

Carolyn Ingvarson
0411 115 186

Monday, 29 October 2018

Live Tweets and Facebook Live for the forum Tues 30 October

This will be a great night with a stellar panel and Hawthorn candidates
If you cant make it check our Facebook Live from 7.15 ish

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Next meeting Wednesday 26 September

 Forests and Climate Change  - what is the connection?

Come and hear Chris Taylor and Maggie Riddington give their perspectives on forests. Chris has worked fro many years researching the way that forests work. He is also a photographer  and some of his work will be on show.  
Maggie is a campaigner for forests with FOE and a lover of of forests and their inhabitants/

Dr Chris Taylor

Dr Chris Taylor is research consultant specialising in forest certification. Chris has conducted research in fields ranging from forest certification to spatial analysis of forest disturbance regimes through to analyzing projected climate change on agriculture and has published several scientific studies on these areas. He has participated in numerous multi-stakeholder initiatives, such as serving on the board of directors for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Australia, performed audits of companies under the FSC and co-initiated the FSC’s Controlled Risk Assessment Matrix in Australia. He completed his PhD involving a critical analysis of the forest certification schemes applied in Australia.  Chris attained his Bachelor of Architecture with honours from RMIT University in 1997 and worked in architectural practice for 8 years prior to undertaking his academic career with RMIT University and the University of Melbourne. 

Maggie Riddington  - Friends of the Earth 

Originally trained as an ecologist, Maggie has turned her passion for the environment to building grassroots movements. An environmentalist from a young age, she first got involved in the central highlands campaign to save our precious forests in 2014. She is the president of Wildlife of the Central Highlands (WOTCH), a group that surveys for threatened species in forests due to be logged in order to have them protected.

Come join us 

And hear more about our actions and plans 
and ways for you to join in.

Please join us from 7 pm for 'meet and greet' with food and drinks, and a 7.30 pm start. 
We ask for a small donation to help cover costs.
Any issues to discuss, call Carolyn 0411 115 186
Guide Hall
Faversham Rd 

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Next Lighter Footprints meeting Wed 29th August

Here are Malte's slides  73 slides

And here are Gene's slides

1. Wednesday 29th August, AGM and  Speakers
Our AGM is on Wed August 29. The hall will be ready to receive you at 6.30pm for 7pm start, at the Guide Hall in Faversham Rd Canterbury. The AGM will be in the first half hour of our motherly meeting  and will run from from 7 pm - 7.30 pm, and will include the Convenor's report on our achievements this last year. We have an earlier start for this purpose, so food and drink will be available earlier than usual from 6.30pm. 

The meeting will then continue with our topic of DRAWDOWN at 7.30 pm  

From 7.30 onwards, we will be listening to two very different speakers and approaches to this critically important issue.
We know it is already too hot for a safe climate. So what can we do? We can start to accelerate carbon drawdown to slow down and look to reverse fossil fuelled climate damage. What does  research tells us about the best way to do this. 

We are lucky to hear from luminary A/Prof Malte Meinshausen, a IPCC Lead Author and Director of the prestigious Climate Energy College at Melbourne University and Co-Director of Australian -German Energy Transition Hub. Malte holds degrees from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and University of Oxford, including a Post-Doc at the National Centre of Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado and joined the world leading Postdam Institue for Climate Impact Research (PIK) in 2006.

A/Prof Meinshausen will look at the bigger picture on carbon, the long term and what can be done.

Gene Blackley comes from a different direction to Drawdown.  Following a 20-year international career in corporate sales and marketing, Gene has totally changed direction and is now working on the establishment of a Project Drawdown Australia hub for research, innovation, implementation and communication of a collective array of substantive solutions to reverse global warming. Gene is now a “sustainability evangelist” who advocates for a more socially equitable and environmentally sustainable world.

Project Drawdown
Drawdown is a critical goal for avoiding climate catastrophe. Project Drawdown presents the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming. A diverse group of researchers from around the world identified, researched, and modelled the 100 most substantive, existing solutions to address climate change. What was uncovered is a path forward that can roll back global warming within thirty years. It shows that humanity has the means at hand. Nothing new needs to be invented. The solutions are in place and already in action. 
Gene's slides are here: -

Here is our Facebook Event - please if you are on Facebook tap on the link and press “Going”! It all helps get more pushout from Facebook.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Next meeting Wed 25 July Guide Hall Faversham Rd Canterbury 7 pm

 Julia Croatto  - convenor ACF Boroondara I have been a longtime ACF supporter but only became more active at last year's Convergence event (in September).  At that weekend event we were grouped regionally and I found myself with several people from the Boroondara area.  We agreed to form a new local ACF group, called ACF Boroondara, and I put my hand up to be the convenor.  Since then I've been involved in various community events, together with StopAdani Kooyong and the Kooyong Climate Change Alliance, focussed mainly on stopping the Adani coalmine.   Prior to this voluntary role I worked as a speech pathologist in various hospital and community health clinics, in urban, rural and remote settings.

Pat Simons  - is Friends of the Earth Melbourne's Yes 2 Renewables Coordinator. Pat is passionate about bringing social and environmental justice together, and working alongside workers, farmers & community activists to make Australia a leader on renewable energy.  After the success of Yes2Renewables' long-running campaign to secure the Victorian Renewable Energy Target, the collective is now turning their attention to making Melbourne's trains the first in the country to be  powered by renewable energy.

Alan Cutherbertson is a retired computer programmer who now works part time selling double glazing. He has spent the last 10 years fighting climate change and the last two years trying to stop the Adani Coal mine. 9 months ago he visited the Front Line Action On Coal site in Qld and was one of 15 demonstrators charged with trespass on an Adani railway work site. He is now one of the coordinators for FLAC in Melbourne

Max Smith  - As a community organiser at ACF, Max recruits, trains and supports ACF volunteers to form local action groups and run effective campaigns together on the issues we care about. In this role, Max has helped build an active network of more than 22 local ACF community groups in Victoria, with dozens more growing nationwide. Over the last 7 years, Max has worked on environmental justice campaigns across Australia; from the successful campaign to replace two coal-burning power plants with the world's biggest solar thermal plant in Port August South Australia; to stopping coal port expansion along the Great Barrier Reef on Queensland's Capricorn Coast, to ending fracking and unconventional gas expansion in Victoria and NSW, and now Stop Adani. He represented the Australian youth climate movement in UN climate negotiations in Doha in 2012. Max is a graduate of the Change Agency's Community Organising Fellowship and a holds post-graduate qualification in community advocacy!

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Note address spelling should be Marwal not Marwell

 Here is the link to Richard's presentation .

Wednesday 27 JUNE - NOTE - Change of Venue

Note Change of Venue

Marwal Centre
9-11 Marwal Avenue
North Balwyn

 Energy independence?
Cheaper power bills?
Less pollution?
 What can home batteries do for you?
There's been a lot of buzz about batteries for home energy storage.  Some pundits are talking about disconnecting from the grid.   This talk takes a look at home battery systems.  Does it make sense to buy one?  What are the benefits and issues?  Will it work with your existing solar?

Lighter Footprints invites you to join us and our expert guest speaker on
Wednesday 27 June
7.00 for 7.30 start

Richard Keech

:  Richard is an engineer, consultant and author with particular interest in renewable energy and energy efficiency. He has masters degrees in both Engineering (Electronics) and Environment (Energy Efficiency).  He was a key author of the Zero Carbon Australia Buildings Plan and a regular contributor to the ATA's publications on topics related to energy efficiency.  Richard lives in Melbourne with his family in their zero-carbon home.  Richard is the author of 'The Energy Freedom Home' published by Scribe.

In addition Ric Brazzale Green Energy Trading will provide a broad context of the uptake of batteries in terms of impact on the grid.

Marwal Centre
9-11 Marwal Avenue
North Balwyn
Gold donation at the door
For more information, Carolyn Ingvarson 0411 115 186, or just turn up on the night.

Come join us 

And there will be more about our actions and plans 
and ways for you to join in.

Please join us from 7 pm for 'meet and greet' with food and drinks, and a 7.30 pm start. 
We ask for a small donation to help cover costs.
Any issues to discuss, call Carolyn 0411 115 186

Monday, 30 April 2018

 Wednesday 30 MAY

Wednesday May 30
7 pm for 7.30 pm
Guide Hall - Faversham Rd

Mark WakehamCEO Environment Victoria 

Australia’s clean energy transition can start in Victoria 

Mark Wakeham is CEO of Environment Victoria, one of Australia’s leading environment charities, and Board co-chair of the Sunrise Project. He’s been involved in successful campaigns to stop the Jabiluka uranium mine in Kakadu, introduce an Australian renewable energy target and retire our oldest coal-fired power stations. He has degrees in Economics, Adult education and Australian History, and was the winner of the Jill Reichstein Award for Social Change in 2016. As well as his work with environment organisations he has also worked in the solar industry, as a lecturer at Northern Territory University and as a radio operator in the Australian Army.

Come join us 

And in our second half, there will be more about our actions and plans 
and ways for you to join in.

Please join us from 7 pm for 'meet and greet' with food and drinks, and a 7.30 pm start. 
We ask for a small donation to help cover costs.
Any issues to discuss, call Carolyn 0411 115 186

Thursday, 12 April 2018

New poster for forum May 1

Tristan Edis:  Outline of the challenges - View Tristan's Presentation

Nick Aberle:  The role of State and Federal Government - View Nick's Presentation

And if you want to catch the discussion associated with the above slides, go to

FaceBook Live recording of all 4 speakers and question time 

(Note: broken out excerpts coming soon)

The panel 
Speakers will share expert knowledge and objective comment on the current policies of the Labor, Liberal and Green Parties 
and demonstrate effective pathways to achieve affordable energy and a safe climate 
Tristan Edis:  Outline of the challenges
Emily Peach: A young activist thinking about our future
Matthew Warren:  An industry perspective
Nick Aberle:  The role of State and Federal Government

A Q&A session will follow the presentations
Council, State and Federal Politicians and Candidates for the local area will be invited to attend

Tristan Edis (Green Energy Markets)
Tristan is the Director Analysis and Advisory at Green Energy Markets, where he assists clients understand and make informed decisions about renewable energy, energy efficiency and other carbon abatement markets. Tristan’s involvement in the clean energy sector and related government climate change and energy policy issues dates back more than a decade, including running Climate Spectator, a daily publication on clean energy issues; the Grattan Institute think tank; the Clean Energy Council; Ernst & Young; and the Australian Government’s Greenhouse Office.  Tristan will also chair the forum and the Q&A.

Emily Peach (Community climate activist) 
Emily grew up on a small farm near Christchurch, New Zealand.  She studied Physics at Canterbury University, planning to become a high school teacher.  After travelling across Europe, she now works in Melbourne and has joined with Lighter Footprints.  He involvement in the climate change movement has been quite recent, when she realised how big a problem global warming really is and how desperate the situation has become, and she is committed to doing whatever she can to help solve this global crisis we find ourselves in.

Matthew Warren (Australian Energy Council)                                      
Matthew is the inaugural Chief Executive of the Australian Energy Council, which represents major electricity and downstream natural gas businesses operating in competitive wholesale and retail energy markets.  He was previously Chief Executive of the Clean Energy Council, where he made a significant contribution to Australian policy debate on the role of renewable energy in meeting the challenges of reducing emissions.  He has also worked as an advocate for the mining and food industries, and has advised both governments and industry on environmental policy. 

Nick Aberle (Environment Victoria)
Nick is the Campaigns Manager at Environment Victoria, where he has worked on the transition of Victoria’s electricity system from coal to renewable energy, and improving mine rehabilitation. Prior to this, he spent three years as a Senior Policy Analyst at the Victorian Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability, contributing to the 2013 State of the Environment Report.  He will provide factual information about the energy situation one year after the retirement of Hazelwood Coal Power Station, and comment on State political party policies.