Saturday, 22 April 2017

Next Lighter Footprints Meeting April 26

Next Meeting
Wednesday April 26 
7 pm for 7.30 pm
Guide Hall - Faversham Rd

Speaker  -  Alan Pears  
RMIT University

 "Unravelling today's energy policy debate and finding paths to a clean, affordable and reliable energy future."

Alan Pears AM is a well-known clean energy and climate researcher, commentator and educator. He has worked with governments, business and community groups on clean energy policy, programs and projects for the past
four decades.

Alan writes regularly for the conversation website, has a
regular column in the Alternative Technology Association's ReNew magazine and appears in media.

He has played key roles in development of Australia's
appliance efficiency, building energy efficiency and climate response policies, and has also been involved in many practical projects, from designing green appliances and buildings, to advising households and businesses on strategies to cut emissions and costs.

Interesting times continue in Australia on the politics of energy, an issue that remains pivotal to climate change action. Alan Pears provides a perspective on the major drivers of energy policy and then looks at what we can do - not just politically, but in our own households. 

And in our second half, there will be more about our actions and plans and ways for you to join in 

Please join us from 7 pm for 'meet and greet' with food and drinks, and a 7.30 start. 
We ask for a small donation to help cover costs.
Any issues to discuss, call Carolyn  0411 115 186

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Next Lighter Footprints Meeting Wed 29th March.

 Wednesday 29th March 

At the Canterbury Guide Hall,
Faversham Rd Canterbury  at 7 pm for 7.30

Climate Conversations - How to talk about the things that matter to us.

If we want climate change on the political agenda, we need a population that cares enough to vote for a government that takes action.
Social research shows that whilst mass media raises awareness, people’s attitudes are impacted by face-to-face conversation.
It is then that we process the information and and decide what we think and what we will do.

Climate  for Change ( is an organisation that seeks to shift the social climate by helping people to have conversations with the people around them.

Our speaker is

Suzie Raffe  - is a facilitator trainer from Climate for Change, and she will conduct a one hour inter-active workshop on how to approach tricky conversations.

Suzie has a background in environmental social science and previously worked for the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI). She has also spent time volunteering in Indonesia as an Australian Youth Ambassador for Development through AusAID before returning to Melbourne to take up postgraduate studies in sustainability.

Suzie is currently a Climate for Change volunteer facilitator and trainer. She trained as a Climate Reality Leader with Al Gore's Climate Reality Project in 2014 and joined Climate for Change in early 2015 after realising that while presentations on climate change are great, meaningful conversations are even better and more powerful. She has been having conversations about climate change ever since and now trains other facilitators to deliver Climate for Change conversations. 

Also at this meeting we will discuss our recent submissions to the Finkel Review on energy, and vehicle  emissions standards And there have been a few major decisions that impact on our rising emissions, with differing opinions about their merits or otherwise. There has been active email discussion on pumped hydro. Our April meeting will address the current energy debate.

And there will be time for socialising, some food and drink and meeting new members,  as well as a range of other issues for discussion.

You are all very welcome. 
Call for further information  - 0411 115 186

2. Adani Roadshow
Here is a link to book for this event. We need massive community support to demonstrate that this mine just cannot proceed.  
Check out this national Roadshow in Melbourne on Friday March 31  -

3. Aurizon - Rail line
You may like to support this action, also related to this project but a different element of it.
 Market Forces is promoting this email action at the moment regarding Aurizon's application for a $1.25 billion loan from the NAIF to fund a rail link between Galilee and Abbott Point. It calls on Super Funds to pressure Aurizon to stop the loan (and entire project):

Monday, 6 March 2017

Ashburton Festival - Feb 26

Good day talking with local residents, to the extent we ran out of letters to sign to Minister Frydenberg
Solar Model again very useful.
Note the photo of the young boy translating in Mandarin to his parents, the way this solar thermal power station works.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Glenferrie Rd Festival March 5

We ran stall at this festival,  had hundreds of letters signed to Minister Frydenberg and to the CEO of Wetspac bank! and here are some pics.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Lighter Footprints Meeting Wed Feb 22

Next Meeting
Wednesday February 22
7 pm for 7.30 pm
Guide Hall - Faversham Rd

Speaker   Adam Majcher  - ClimateWorks

Progressing Australia's net -zero emissions agenda

What are the main opportunities for 2017
and what does the transition to 2050 require?

This session will allow for audience participation and discussion of a range of different areas of interest.

Adam Majcher from ClimateWorks - a partnership of the Myer Foundation and Monash University will present to us.

Adam is the Engagement Manager,  and he will lead the session to put in context the opportunities ClimateWorks sees, placed against a backdrop of the job we need to do long-term as a country. 

Adam leads ClimateWorks’ public engagement work, helping to grow widespread understanding and participation in the achievability and benefits of a zero net emissions future for Australia. He also supports efforts to translate ClimateWorks’ research into relatable content for a range of audiences using best practice social research and engagement.
Prior to joining ClimateWorks, Adam headed up the Australian branch of Al Gore’s 'The Climate Reality Project', developing and supporting joint leadership programs across the Asia Pacific region. He is also co-founder of Common Cause Australia, an organisation dedicated to engaging values that contribute to a more sustainable society.
Adam holds a Bachelor of Science (Aquatic Science) and a Graduate Degree in Coastal Planning from Deakin University. He sits on the Board of Positive Change for Marine Life.
Please join us from 7 pm for meet and greet with drinks and nibbles and a 7.30 start  
With such interesting times emerging on the politics of energy - so pivotal to climate change action- we think this session will start our year with  bang! And there will be more about our plans and ways for you to join in .
We ask for a small donation to help cover costs.
Any issues to discuss , call Carolyn  0411 115 186

Monday, 5 December 2016

Dec 5 
Treasury place. 

Over one thousand protesters attended a rally at 48 hours notice to protest government funding of the rail line or any other feature associated with Government support for the Adani coal mine in Queensland.

You are cordially invited to...
Lighter Footprints BBQ and end-of-year party
From 6.00-10.00pm Wednesday 7 December, Guide Hall, Faversham Road, Canterbury
After another very busy and successful year, it’s time...
to let our hair down with friends - in an environmentally friendly atmosphere!
Note the details:
Come for some fun and culture - create some poetry and music (great prizes!) (bring your creativity and a pen, your guitar or other musical instrument.
The possibilities will be limited only by your imagination and talent!)

  •  BYO food to cook on the bbq, cutlery and plate, a glass and some wine
  •  Bring a plate to share - salads, nibbles or desserts - and a $5 donation
    BBQ equipment, condiments, tea and coffee will be provided
    The BBQ from 6.00-7.45pm. From 7.45pm onwards it will be all fun and music - with short speeches!
    Special Guest Artist:
    Jade Alice, winner of the 2016 Melbourne Music Bank Songwriters Competition

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Next Lighter Footprints Meeting Nov 30

Media follow up on LF 30 November meeting

At its final meeting for the year, Lighter Footprints, the local climate change action group, attracted a bumper crowd to hear Lily D’Ambrosio, Minister for Energy, Environment, Climate Change and Suburban Development, explain the State Government’s commitment and approach to taking practical action on climate change.

Although the Minister recognised the importance of the environment, she emphasised that the issues were at least as much about smart economics and sustainable jobs.  She said it was unfortunate that there was not bipartisan support on such important matters, but reminded the audience that all politicians have an important part to play, including the cross bench members in the Upper House.

The Minister said that the successful ACT model was being used to attract competitive commercial interest in large scale solar and wind.  The contrast between the State Government approach and the lack of commitment and action by the Federal Government was stark. The State approach includes working closely with smart business to use technology already available to create investment certainty, and therefore more jobs.  Further development of energy storage was ‘a game changer’ the Minister said.  This would involve supporting a competitive market situation where the rapid transition to renewable energy would be sustainable, affordable and reliable.

Despite what Minister D’Ambrosio called ‘lies’ by the Federal Government and others about energy prices, she said that the State Government was fully committed to the targets set for 2020, 2025 and beyond, not least of all because it is only with this strong action by Victoria that the Federal Government commitments at the Paris conference can be met.  This involved a mandatory commitment for government enterprises to use renewable energy, and voluntary encouragement for all communities and business to take up the medium and long-term economic advantages, something that is happening in many parts of the world.

The Minister gave an example of the importance of a bipartisan approach, where she has invited an ex Labor Minister and an ex Liberal Minister to together undertake a review of the retail electricity and gas markets, particular to monitor the effects of the recently announced closure of the highly polluting Hazelwood Brown Coal Power Station.

With more than 100 attendees at the recent Lighter Footprints meeting, there was strong support for the approach the State Government was taking, and a determination to work towards bipartisan support for what was seen as a very practical and commonsense approach that was already progressing well. 

Here is link to  the video of Lily D’Ambrosio if you missed her last night.
As people did not know Lily’s background and experience I gave her full bio, ( you can skip these three minutes if you know that. )
The whole session was very informative and in parts quite exciting!
There were two panelists with very good comments and questions, and then questions from the floor which had been written and collected. The Minister answered these in some detail- e.g. Tariffs,which is useful.  These written questions - over 50 of them were taken by the Minister and her advisor and they will sort them and respond to us in due course. 
Also attached is a note written summarising main points, and a few photos!
Do take at least a taste of this evening which was deemed successful by all.  
Carolyn Ingvarson
Lighter Footprints
0411 115 186

     Wednesday November 30th
Guide Hall
Faversham Rd
7pm for 7.30 start

Last meeting for the year
A special one

Meet Minister for Energy  - Lily D'Ambrosio

How is Victoria planning for an Energy transition away from coal? 

7. 00 Arrive and meet and greet - Refreshments available.

7.30  Speaker Minister D'Ambrosio

7.50 Questions from the panel -Bruce Mountain and Lynne Holroyd

8.05 Questions from the audience

8.30 Break for refreshments

8.45 Discussion arising from Minister's visit -  follow up

9.00  Letters for the month

9.10 Report of visit to Premiers Office, and follow-up work

9.20 Report from Policy Action Group

9.30 Proposed Social event for Xmas Dec 7

9.33 Strategic Planning Day - Sun Feb 5, 2017

9.35 Any other business including events

9.40 Close  and clean up

Before this event- it would be helpful if you could
Please read Victoria's Renewable Energy Roadmap from the site below.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Next Lighter Footprints Meeting Oct 26

Next Lighter Footprints meeting - Wed 26 Oct 

Wednesday 26 October 
7.00 pm for 7.30 start
Guide Hall
1 Faversham Rd

You are warmly invited to join us for this meeting at 7.00 pm to share a glass of wine, tea coffee and plenty of nibbles and to meet new faces, 

find out who we are and what we do.

  Stories of hope, healing and meaning

Faith, literature and psychology all deal with what it is to be human and find meaning in our world.
How can we tap into this wisdom in the context of dealing with climate change? 

Panel of three speakers, Cath James, Carol Ride and Nivy Balachandran

Carol Ride is a psychologist and couple psychotherapist, who is well known in the climate movement in Melbourne for the last several years. Carol Ride is President of Psychology for a Safe Climate (PSC) a group of  psychologists and helping professionals working together to contribute psychological understanding within the community to support and facilitate strong and urgent action on climate change. 

Cath James
Campaigns and Communications OfficerCommission for Mission 
Cath James is the Campaigns and Communications Officer for the Uniting Church's social justice unit in Victoria and Tasmania. She has spent the last twenty years working on climate change and is particularly interested in how stories inform how we understand the world and then how we act as a result.  She spends her spare time writing fiction and re-imagining how the world could be.

Nivy Balachandran
Regional Coordinator, United Religions Initiative (URI) Southeast Asia and the Pacific - Pacific Zone

Nivy has been involved in local and international interfaith work for several years. Nivy has extensive experience in government and the nonprofit sector where she was involved in project planning, community organizing, and developing public policy. Through her leadership with InterAction, Nivy has experience in developing in interfaith leadership training, manages communications strategies, and fostering mutually trusting relationships across religious and ethnic barriers. 

After the break, discussion of other issues on our agenda 

Further information 0411 115 186


Thursday, 13 October 2016

October 11 meeting

At our Box Hill Town Hall forum on June 16, the three political panelists were asked if they would meet together for a coffee after the election-no matter what the result, and talk about common ground for climate change.
Today they met.
We will hope that this is the start of a slow process of building bridges and gaining trust so that over time our climate change policy will become something that is agreed between the parties - a least in the main.

 Tonight Minister Frydenberg indicated that discussions were constructive and that they will keep the doors open for further exploration of these important issues.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Glenferrie Rotary Talk - Oct 11

Carolyn Ingvarson spoke on Climate Change to this Rotary group on October 11.
Click here for her presentation slides:

Carolyn Ingvarson and Carol Benson - President of Glenferrie Rotary Club.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Local Government Elections

Lighter Footprints Public Forum

(Slides from David Meiklejohn's presentation available here

What more could our new Boroondara Council do to step up on the environment?
Hear about what makes for best practice in local government
Meet your local Council candidates & ask them questions (All candidates from all 10 wards have been invited)
Council Elections Are Coming
How can Council help us to live more sustainably?
Speaker: David Meiklejohn (RMIT)
When: Sunday 9 October 3:45pm for 4:00pm start
: Hawthorn Library, 584 Glenferrie Road, Meeting Room 3&4
The first half of this forum will be speaker presentation and questions; the second half will be groups based on Council wards, with candidates and residents.
For more information, visit Contact – Carolyn 0411 115 186 

Forum Speaker
David Meiklejohn has worked as a behaviour change specialist both within government and as a consultant for the past 20 years, developing and delivering programs in Australia and the UK.
He is researching Australian local governments that have responded to climate change, with innovative solutions that reduce emissions and have the capacity to scale-up quickly.
In this talk, he will present examples of local government action from both Australia and internationally that we need more of, in order to effectively address climate change.
The first half of this forum will be speaker presentation and questions; the second half will be groups based on Council wards, with Candidates and residents.
Lighter Footprints, is a group of concerned residents from Boroondara who came together in 2006 to see what we could do about the serious challenge of climate change.
For more information, visit Contact Carolyn 0411 115 186 

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Next Lighter Footprints meeting - Wed 28 Sep.

Wednesday 28 September 
7.00 pm for 7.30 start
Guide Hall
1 Faversham Rd

You are warmly invited to join us for this meeting at 7.00 pm to share a glass of wine, tea coffee and plenty of nibbles and to meet new faces, 

find out who we are and what we do.

Speaker : -  Michael Staindl  - 
Electric vehicles - what is their future?
Michael will outline the recent BZE report on Electric Vehicles 
Video and discussion will follow.

Second part of the meeting will include discussion of the energy efficiency approaches used in the home of member Peter Hartley, and advice from member Eagan Angus  on how to care for solar panels on your home. 

Further information 0411 115 186


Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Slides from the last LF Meeting

Our meeting on August 31 with Bruce Mountain and Dan Cass was packed and the audience had plenty of questions for our speakers.

The slides used by the speakers are on the web, under forum and presentations.
A shortened audio tape for each speaker has been made and these are available at these links;
Dan Cass (8 mins)

Bruce Mountain - and questions -(20 mins)

For further information
contact Carolyn -
0411 115 186